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Cleaning up America a la Marie Condo

1.The Grammy Awards, The Oscars and even the Tony Awards.

Has anyone ever had a moment of joy watching the Grammys?  How much money are people making off of this crap? Professional Wrestling is more believable.  If you get chosen for one of these awards you should no longer be able to call yourself an artist.  Just like Olympic sport Competitions, you can’t play if you’ve ever been paid to sing or act before!!!

I used to love the Tony Awards but it’s hard for me to stomach the worship of people just doing their jobs. I would miss my garbage man much more. I’m not throwing him out.

2. All sequels and remakes.

I hear that A Star is Born got ripped off in awards season again I will remind folks what a great State of The Union speech our President gave the other day. Yes, that speech of manipulation and nostalgia. Just because you cry and laugh does not make it art. It makes it money.

I liked BlackkKlansman. I hope it doesn’t win anything because then I may have to admit that even the Oscars might get it right once in a thousand years.

3. Go Fund Me.


4. All people of Privilege and their extra stuff

If you  have to clean out your overstuffed closets, you just need to go. It’s not the stuff that’s the problem, it’s you.  That includes, me and all my too small shoes and race tee shirts that make me think I have endured pain which I HAVE NOT! Running a road race, sprinting up a F**’n mountain is not pain unless you are going to be killed because a person or animal is hungry or angry at or for you. Let’s go further and eliminate all food that is not essential. Keep just one flavor or ice cream and one type of cheese. Can’t do that? How about all that kale you have to throw out at the end of the week? Let’s throw out people who are on diets and anyone who can pass for white just to be safe.  Make America great again -Bring back the Bison!

5. All expectations of fairness and equality

Throw these as far away as you can. How do we maintain even a dusting of entitled magical thinking into adulthood? Because we think we deserve better, better than THOSE people. We want fairness when it comes to us and so we will defend the rights of others except for a few people we can’t pry out of our resentment closet. They should die, like they do in the fairy tales when they are mean. Not like in real life.


So you have a great marriage. Nice! You could probably live with the same person and collect child support without getting all those tax breaks and gifts and honeymoons that make the rest of us feel like SH*T.  This institution gives some folks great joy but most people suffer through it. My point is the folks who have joy would probably have it anyway so throw marriage in the junk pile.

7. High School and College

I don’t want to encourage lots of crazy home schoolers but grade school could just be repeated for ages by all ages of people. Your supposed to have learned it all in kindergarten anyway. The rest is too much wasted time. Just decide what you want to try and take a class in that or better yet volunteer or work in the field for a while. Start your family early.  Long years of schooling is not the only way to keep kids safe while their parents work. We can figure out something better than what we have which is just kind of a jail until the brain is fully developed.

I could go on but you have probably got my drift. It’s all gravy. Marie Condo doesn’t like gravy or maybe she does but she likes it on the side in a little pitcher. We can do without most things and even most institutions are just illusions of security. Fantasy doesn’t thrive with too much outside stimulation. It becomes codified and ritualized like the entertainment and war industries.

Have a glass of water and think. What do we really have? This minute.




Advice from Alaska on how to deal with a Polar Vortex


It is generally colder here in Alaska than in your backyard so we would like to help you survive the next few days of POLAR VORTEX. We don’t have POLAR VORTEX here but we do have The Arctic Circle and the record for the coldest temperature in the United States, (-80 degrees F in the 1970’s.)

Chances are you SHOULD NOT GO SWIMMING TOMORROW, EVEN AT THE POOL.  Your hair, if not dried completely, will get all frozen when you walk out and you will look like Doc Brown. At some point, dry thirsty hair will bite back by shocking  you with static electricity which could kill you, when and if it is the form of lightening, so LOOK OUT!

Your lips will get incredibly chapped. DON’T LICK THEM! Your tongue may stick to them, no just kidding. Slather on the lip balm which your grocery and drug store will run out of in 35 minutes from this posting. Also your legs will itch uncontrollably and you WILL break out in a weird rash of red bumps on your torso. I would show you a picture of my cold weather rash but it is all gone because it is a balmy 32 degrees and snowing here in Anchorage. Slather on the moisturizer or shortening or lard if necessary.  Do not go to the emergency room. This is not Shingles.

The freezing point is  the weather we prefer here. It is perfect. You will soon agree.  Although 20 degrees is better for ice skating which is only done outdoors here. If you go ice skating in minus 20 degrees F, as I have done on occasion, you may find your nose is running and wipe it on your mitten. Only you will find blood all over you as your nasal membranes may burst. This is not a medical emergency, just poor judgement.

I saw this  headline posted online

Experts Are Warning People Not To Breathe Deeply Or Talk Outside Ahead Of The Polar Vortex

I traced it down to this website:

Experts Are Warning People Not To Breathe Deeply Or Talk Outside Ahead Of The Polar Vortex


who in term attributed it to The National Weather Service in Des Moines, Iowa.  I combed through the NWS Iowa site and saw no mention of silence or walking backwards while throwing salt over your shoulder in order that the POLAR VORTEX shall not strike you dead with its Mighty Ice Scythe.

Truth be that this map was also featured on the Uproxx site:

I’m not so sure I can take this site seriously as Alaska and Hawaii are not even accounted for. Hawaii and Alaska might just say, ” Yo! You want those Smallpox blankets back?”

As far as not breathing deeply outside, you can accomplish that easily by inducing a panic attack which involves shallow breathing.  Start thinking about Trump or your retirement account, what’s left of it, or your diet before going outside.  Panic is your friend. Remember if you turn blue, faint and break your head open it probably isn’t from the cold but from your lack of breathing. God forbid you wear a scarf or face mask. JUST DON’T TALK. THE POLAR VORTEX STALKS PEOPLE WHO TALK! JUST SHUT UP FOR GODSAKES AND LIVE TO TALK ABOUT IT!

Here’s some more unsolicited advice from Alaska. DO GO OUTSIDE! IF YOU DO NOT, EVERYONE FROM WORK WILL HAVE A STORY ABOUT HOW COLD IT WAS BUT YOU AND YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING TO TELL YOUR KIDS WHEN THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW HOT IT IS THIS SUMMER.  Best to walk to the store and buy some ice cream. That is something to be able to write on your tombstone.

Also there will be things you want to purchase for this event such as Touchscreen gloves. Do not even think of it. These do not work in Alaska, maybe because we have sketchy internet service or maybe because IT’S TOO COLD!!  Your fingers will fall off in those wimpy gloves. Touch screen mittens would be a better idea but then you would need a phone like this:

phone 2

which is traditionally used indoors.

In Alaska we do tend to wave conversations inside when it gets too cold. We wear layers or if you are pretentious you buy high tech polar clothing even if you don’t work outside.  We plug in our cars and the people with the high tech polar clothing have remote car starters and seat warmers. Most adults go outside each day no matter how cold it is because we are insane but recess is cancelled because little children don’t know how to slow down in the cold. We don’t do marathon training in that kind of weather but we also don’t call in sick from work or people will laugh at us. People have been know to go camping in minus twenty and sleep in snow shelters for fun.

Enjoy your POLAR VORTEX. Don’t die. Don’t stop breathing and remember that silence won’t save you. THE POLAR VORTEX CAN READ YOUR MIND! Alsoif you do happen to get the day off, consider pairing with a co-worker and driving to the store or foodbank or just to a local bus stop and offering folks a ride home or wherever. It will warm your heart if nothing else.








In the Year 2025, if man is still alive..

First Lady Kim Kardashian successfully advocates for butt enhancement to be covered by most health insurance.

The world mourns the death of the most stable genius and oldest U.S. president ever elected. The deceased’s family asks that people wear gold instead of black.

Alaska is officially the most populous State of the Union, due to its temperate weather,  and the fact that most U.S. citizens have found a way to live in Canada.

The last remaining white man in The U. S. Senate is not running for re-election.

Guns now outnumber people five to one in The United States with the aforementioned Alaska leading the pack with an average of 27 guns per person.

Rutabaga is the new Avocado!

The Oreo Cookie brand is struggling after severe backlash following their “Fentanyl Patch” flavor release. Fortune for the brand relies on their two new nostalgic varieties –  “Subbituminous Coal” and “Salted Highway Snow.”

The owners and designers at Title Nine Sportswear have finally begun serving their life sentences for misleading women worldwide that they can be brain surgeons, Olympic athletes and cute single moms all at the same time.

The successful Mary Poppins franchise continues with the opening of “Mary Poppin’s Revenge – The Sarin Gas Umbrella.”

Hope has died for training white police and the legal system to react fairly and calmly towards dark skinned citizens. Today, Congress introduced a bill  requiring quotas of wealthy white men be met in the prison population before any other ethnic group member be incarcerated.  A subsequent boost in stock has occurred  as thousands of people under investigation attempt to find their as yet undocumented African roots.





Trump & Pumpkin Spice – a holiday voter conspiracy?


The purchase of this aberration correlates and may actually cause voters to believe in and vote for Trump. Is it something in pumpkin? NO! As we all learned in grade school there is no pumpkin in Pumpkin Spiced anything. Pumpkin Spice is instead the very old fashioned mix of allspice, cinnamon and cloves which makes people think of their grandmother’s kitchen and how everything was better in the old days. The sad thing is that a child would never add allspice or cloves to their food, as it would be similar to eating potpourri or bath salts. Coincidence that before the opiate crisis we had the “Spice Crisis?” That bath salts and potpourri were the innocuous labeling under which Spice was sold? How about the idea that almost everything sold at a Trump hotel is a “Limited Edition?” Also cereal is the easiest food for an American to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner, besides pizza which is not really American.


More likely it is the kind of mentality that we Americans have about always trying something new and spending money on frivolous items which draws us to Trump and Pumpkin Spice. This is the new renaissance of civilization, one which belongs to The White people of the USA just like Thanksgiving does.   People in the incoming Mexican caravan may have tasted apple pie or a hot dog. They may even put cinnamon in their hot chocolate but they probably have not consumed pumpkin spice cereal. In due time Pumpkin Spice will be integrated into citizenship tests.


New voters are being manufactured everyday. What kind of parent would feed these frosted flakes to their children? A Republican, that’s who! The key to this conspiracy is that Pumpkin Spiced products always come out just before November elections.  They were in their infancy in the Obama days and I daresay they do not go very well with cigarettes or with Michelle’s propensity for healthy eating. These products were not created to take over the world but they have morphed into a polarizing force in our country. Either you love them or you hate them. And if you hate them you are probably not American enough.

My warning to you is to avoid purchasing such items until after elections and consider the presence of Pumpkin Spiced products on the shelves of your neighbors as similar to bags of cocaine or framed photos of The First Family. Do not directly challenge these neighbors but instead ask them to brunch at your own home. There you can introduce them to Matcha Tea, Marijuana Gummies or whatever flavor of Kombucha you prefer.  It is always graceful to meet people halfway so have some cinnamon, allspice and cloves on hand. Good luck in your fight to end this plague. Remember this Thanksgiving, you can always make a pumpkin pie bourbon flavored instead.


A Preview of Trump’s trip to France

“It should be a very beautiful period of time, the 100th anniversary of the ending of World War I. We have many countries — the leadership from many countries will be there, especially since they heard the United States will be there. And we look forward to that,” Trump told reporters Friday before leaving the White House. “I’ve seen what they have planned, and I think it’s going to be something very, very special.” (

And so it begins. Mr. Donald Trump, our current dictator, is the opposite of a vampire as He sees only his reflection in every person he meets, remark he hears and place he visits. Thus it took only a bit of jet lag to label his host’s ideas about a European army, “Very Insulting.” The French may be mad to suggest wasting money to arm themselves against the most armed nation of the world but one must admit France’s leader is clever to know how Trump would take this and almost any other remark personally.

Experts have spent a little time and thought predicting other reactions Trump might have during the upcoming visit.

On visiting WWI battlefields:

” I know that the souls who died here are happy to see me and silently applauding  my efforts to make America as great again as it was in that time when we saved the world. Especially the beautiful nurses, they were beautiful. Why can’t nurses dress like that again instead of wearing formless scrubs? Why can’t they show a little leg? Am I wrong here?

On avoiding the peace talks:

“Melania and I have chosen to use our time more wisely and visit Disney Paris which is a American emblem of Magic and Peace.  The “Fake Peace talks” are for stupid people who think you can talk about peace without me. Instead, we will be dining at Café Mickey in the company of Disney royalty – Goofy, America’s most effective ambassador and  King Louie of The Jungle Book, who is a very interested in learning about fire from me.”

On French food and restaurants:

“The food here is not very fast, very slow. America is much faster at food.  I don’t eat salad but the waiters kept harping at me “t’es un salaud.” And they constantly hard sell some little duck dish. Every time its “t’es rien qu’un petit connard.” If I want duck, I want a big American duck!”

On visiting The Louvre:

“The art here is just great, very moving, very beautiful. I was impressed by how the female body has always been an object of desire. It’s a very natural thing for men to come here to have a good long look at some beautiful women.  Call me crazy but I think the ladies in these paintings were happy to see me too. The Mona Lisa was definitely smiling at me. Really, she gave me a look. I would love to spend some time with her after hours. “


But even as the experts guess, Mr. Trump is sure to surprise us with  statements which will make every American visitor after him seem more kind, intelligent and respectful. Thank you for your service!

Steve Sack  Copyright 2017 Cagle Cartoons



Suggestions for how the Republican Party can “punish” Lisa Murkowski

  1. Make her eat the infamous Senate Bean Soup


     2.  Have a sign made for her to wear reading:

“I did not do what the boys wanted and now I have to wear this stupid sign.”

3.  When they see her coming, put their briefcases on empty seats on the little tram that runs underneath The White House so there is no room for her.

4.  Uninvite her to the annual Senate Sleepover at Mitch McConnell’s house.

5.  Facebook unfriend!

6.  Throw in a bunch of Sarah Palin jokes during the next filibuster.

7.  Bring in kegs of beer to celebrate Kavanaugh’s confirmation but mysteriously run out of red plastic cups if she wants some.

8. Play The Beastie Boys “The Lisa Lisa” each time her name comes up for roll call.

9.  Lump of coal for Christmas

10. Attend Weekly “Ethics” class taught by The President.

A socio-political analysis of The Meg



If you have not yet seen the film “The Meg”, perhaps your fear of giant sharks has impacted your life to the point where you need to seek professional help. You are missing out on one of the most important pieces of socio-political commentary of this century.  I suggest you might allay your fears by looking at the Megalodon as a metaphor.  Approach it as you might a poem, that is with a half of a marijuana cookie.

The Meg is an ancient creature, brought up from the depths as a by-product of a rich guy who wants more fame and fortune.  The Meg is a misunderstood outsider. The Meg does not and can not bargain because he is used to dominating all other creatures since the beginning of time. There is no one more powerful. All polls agree. This is not fake news. Did I mention that The Meg has a very big mouth? It is always opening and closing without any real words coming out. The Meg just devours. That’s what Megs do.

The Meg is attracted to light only to destroy the source of this light. It is not hard to imagine the words, “You’re fired”, coming out of his mouth each time he kills. He is particularly partial to offing whales, which are, of course, an endangered species.

The dilemma the film addresses is:  Should mankind study and respect a creature of this  majesty despite the massive death toll it will bring or should the intelligentsia work to bring The Meg down by any means – bombs, guns, or harpoons through the eyeball. It is with a “Sophie’s Choice” kind of poignance we observe that choice is a forced/ false one as there are always more Megs and the remaining characters, indeed the entire world, may die in the next film.

Jason Statham, however, can not die.  He could, but as a hybrid of John McCain and Bernie Sanders, it is highly unlikely that the franchise could continue. The mega-message here is that, no matter what, the franchise which is The Meg must continue. Statham is its biggest asset.

stathamLike many female movie stars before him, he has probably had to insure his chest. The fact that he does his own stunts makes him a stand-in for the value of authenticity in opposition to The Shark who is made of plastic and gets all his information from the internet.

The meaning of time is also explored in the film.  How many times will The Meg come back? Every four years? How much money did the film receive for featuring the over the top watches which appear in close-ups of every character?

When will the movie end? Isn’t this just Jaws in a time-machine?  Who has the time to work out that much for one shirtless scene?  Isn’t it time that there is more than one black actor per movie and isn’t there time to teach him how to swim? Is the shot of Statham harpooning The Meg a timeless tribute to Captain Ahab or is it just a way to make the film sexier than “Jurassic World”.

Like many works of art – The Meg leaves you with these big questions which you have to answer yourself. Then you may attend the sequel to see if you got them right.