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Cleaning up America a la Marie Condo

1.The Grammy Awards, The Oscars and even the Tony Awards.

Has anyone ever had a moment of joy watching the Grammys?  How much money are people making off of this crap? Professional Wrestling is more believable.  If you get chosen for one of these awards you should no longer be able to call yourself an artist.  Just like Olympic sport Competitions, you can’t play if you’ve ever been paid to sing or act before!!!

I used to love the Tony Awards but it’s hard for me to stomach the worship of people just doing their jobs. I would miss my garbage man much more. I’m not throwing him out.

2. All sequels and remakes.

I hear that A Star is Born got ripped off in awards season again I will remind folks what a great State of The Union speech our President gave the other day. Yes, that speech of manipulation and nostalgia. Just because you cry and laugh does not make it art. It makes it money.

I liked BlackkKlansman. I hope it doesn’t win anything because then I may have to admit that even the Oscars might get it right once in a thousand years.

3. Go Fund Me.


4. All people of Privilege and their extra stuff

If you  have to clean out your overstuffed closets, you just need to go. It’s not the stuff that’s the problem, it’s you.  That includes, me and all my too small shoes and race tee shirts that make me think I have endured pain which I HAVE NOT! Running a road race, sprinting up a F**’n mountain is not pain unless you are going to be killed because a person or animal is hungry or angry at or for you. Let’s go further and eliminate all food that is not essential. Keep just one flavor or ice cream and one type of cheese. Can’t do that? How about all that kale you have to throw out at the end of the week? Let’s throw out people who are on diets and anyone who can pass for white just to be safe.  Make America great again -Bring back the Bison!

5. All expectations of fairness and equality

Throw these as far away as you can. How do we maintain even a dusting of entitled magical thinking into adulthood? Because we think we deserve better, better than THOSE people. We want fairness when it comes to us and so we will defend the rights of others except for a few people we can’t pry out of our resentment closet. They should die, like they do in the fairy tales when they are mean. Not like in real life.


So you have a great marriage. Nice! You could probably live with the same person and collect child support without getting all those tax breaks and gifts and honeymoons that make the rest of us feel like SH*T.  This institution gives some folks great joy but most people suffer through it. My point is the folks who have joy would probably have it anyway so throw marriage in the junk pile.

7. High School and College

I don’t want to encourage lots of crazy home schoolers but grade school could just be repeated for ages by all ages of people. Your supposed to have learned it all in kindergarten anyway. The rest is too much wasted time. Just decide what you want to try and take a class in that or better yet volunteer or work in the field for a while. Start your family early.  Long years of schooling is not the only way to keep kids safe while their parents work. We can figure out something better than what we have which is just kind of a jail until the brain is fully developed.

I could go on but you have probably got my drift. It’s all gravy. Marie Condo doesn’t like gravy or maybe she does but she likes it on the side in a little pitcher. We can do without most things and even most institutions are just illusions of security. Fantasy doesn’t thrive with too much outside stimulation. It becomes codified and ritualized like the entertainment and war industries.

Have a glass of water and think. What do we really have? This minute.




Some silly questions about the Grammys


1.  It’s not called “Mexican Lucky?” That’s how I found it on Youtube!

2.   Did the Olympics start early? Is this why Pink was doing gymastics rather than singing?

3.  Why does everyone look like they’re suffering so much? My guess is it’s really not as much fun to perform for money as it is for pleasure.

4.  Can Daft  Punk wear their headgear at the airport?

5. I don’t want to be royal or be your queen bee, I just want to be a middle class yellow jacket. I guess that’s not a question, just a comment.

 6. The way people talk about Beyonce, doesn’t it sound like her voice is the last thing on people’s minds?

7.  How come I’m younger than everyone in Black Sabbath, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr by more than a decade yet my hair is so much greyer?  Isn’t there a line in Photograph –“ as the years go by and we turn old and grey?”

8.  At my age, if I know the lyrics, shouldn’t the song be excluded from the new artists category?

9. I like how Madonna chose a lilac girdle, fitting a woman of my age. Will the Norwegian Curling Team be following this trend?

10.  When someone says “I feel it in my bones”, do you think radioactive or  arthritis?

11.  Don’t Christmas lights on tuxedos and cowboy boots remind you of disco?

12. I was so impressed that Taylor Swift played the piano as well as sang. Does that mean that my expectations for musicianship have sunk lower than the Grammy’s?

13. Reverend Moon, wouldn’t he have been proud?