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I am a pumpkin head. Disconnected from my body and  my roots ,I like to greet people no matter what the season with a wee bit of whimsy and wackiness. I live in Alaska. The cold, the dark, the isolation, call for a tremendous effort to produce the amount of humor I need.


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  1. You sure do look cold in your picture, especially with that snow hat!

  2. alaska sounds lovely! it’s my second choice to new york. x

    • But we have no rockettes! You must come visit. This is the most surreal time of the year. Beautiful snow but dark and cold like the icy pull of mental un-health but actually it helps to slow us all down a bit and realize we weren’t just made to produce but to live.

  3. i think that my smooshie-mouthed monkey gwendolyn would fancy bouncing through the snow! (but probably more so in new york, haha!). i danced with a rockette in high school! she’s celebrating her tenth year. maybe we can start the alaskan rockettes? 😉

    • That is an absolutely great idea! We have lots of dancers here and a gorgeous abandoned theater downtown. I’m going to see what we can cook up for next year. Maybe a fundraiser. Do you know that in Palm Springs they have a show full of 70=90 year old dancers? I was going to go see it but then I saw a video. I was sad. No one was in a wheel chair or had big glasses or a walker. They were all full of botox!

      • older ladies have such a different story to tell! my grandmother turns 80 next month, and she’s LITERALLY the most fabulous person that i know. x

  4. Hi. I like your sense of humor.

    If you are truly a pumpkin head is that gravatar a photo of yourself? If so, I think your mom could have cut the eye and nose holes more carefully and gave you a much bigger smile, and with teeth would be extra nice!

    I love the outdoors on a cold day. Give me my LLbean boots and my down parka (for 0 to -40) and I’m good to go,

    • Cold is good for turning on that survival instinct also for clearing the streets of people who not true adventurers through life. Although it might be hard in a wheelchair but I have seen them up here. There is a guy who walks faster than me up the hill with his walker. He is my hero. By the way all the orifices were probably a bit bigger before decay set in, thus the lack of teeth!

  5. You said: “The cold, the dark, the isolation”. Isolation is not valid for Finland. Dark during winter, but midnight sun during summer. 🙂

    Happy blogging!

  6. That’s why they call it baked Alaska.

    • The idea of putting ice cream in an oven is so odd. I thought it was cool when I was a kid but now I think “Why would I turn the oven on when I can eat it right out of the box?”

  7. Polar, i have to say i like your slant on life, but PLEASE how you got it! I also went to Brandeis (’81) bu work as a farmer! Love i, doing something good for the earth and not for myself (unusual for me but life changes us). So, like you I file for unemployment or look for not so interesting part time work I try to make interesting – “is this life ok”?, I ask myself often – usually its not ok, but your stories help me say “hey, it is not ok, but life is humorous. You are so right in that “it calls for a tremendous amount of effort to produce the amount of humor I need.” Are you ok? paul c.

    • paul, did you work in the library with me? Sometimes I find my disdain for the system gratifying, sometimes crippling, sometimes I must just accept that it is not my job to fit in, but to survive and create despite the fact that I feel out of place. Starting on a military base tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

  8. pf, yes I worked at Goldfarb Library for a summer and during junior year? A woman named Mrs. Warsher or something like that, with a big silver hairdo, also Martha with red/orange hair. Good luck with the job. we are always in place, I am beginning to know that, at least. p.c.

    • I haven’t thought of Mrs. Warshaw in years! I still talk to Bob Smilg who worked in the reserve room. He works in Boston. I worked at the Oakland Public library, The GTU library and the library up here in Anchorage. You didn’t work at the Berkeley library did you?

  9. pf. Bob Smilg, somewhat short – I do not mean it in a bad way- grew up around the Boston area? Always wondered if he would come out of the closet, I could have been wrong. He and I would joke about Mister Alpert- so anal, makes a good librarian even better, though, making he and I place “doilies under each book.No to Berkeley Library – lived in Boston since Brandeis. Filed for unemployment today and fell so proud -thanks for that – it’s a compliment, believe me. p.c.


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