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Getting behind the Wall – Alternative financing should Mexico not pay


 Image from ( 40 most funny Trump memes)

President elect Trump is exceedingly hopeful in his idea that Mexico will finance The Wall. I am a pessimist yet I believe that if you can’t beat them, attempt to win them over with your wit and wisdom.  Here is my list of ideas for making The Wall more fun and profitable.

  1. Offer bricks for sale that can be engraved with the name of your favorite illegal immigrant.

2.Trump Casino inside The Wall and a duty free shop featuring the Trump label a la  Paul Newman brand such as hot sauce, sweet and sour sauce, crack.

3.  Bricks on Mexican side flavored with various Agua Frescas  like Tamarindo and Horchata. Charge per lick.

4. Options available for internment in The Wall or cremation ashes to be mixed into a brick for a small fee.

5. Market mini blow up Walls for backyard barbeques and Cinco de Mayo.

6.  Giant Jenga section of The Wall as an amusement franchise.

7. License areas for International tic tac toe tournaments.

8. Build baseball fields in both The USA and Mexico which back up onto the wall with the option of extra points to be scored if the ball caught has flown over from another country.

9.  Use inside  sections for a Branch of Trump University and a for profit prison for people who have not apologized to Trump or Vice President Pence.

10. Conduct a lottery for passage into the USA based on a Hunger Games like contest.

11. Rent out the top of the wall for beauty pageants,  A Trump fun run or a Texas Rangers Drag show.

12. Rental space for Taco trucks with windows on both sides of the wall.

13.   New Branch of Wall Drug store.

14. Immigrant desert crossing reality TV show.

15.  Get artists to bid on rights to create statues to top The Wall depicting Trump, Putin, Stalin and others who like walls and dislike immigrants.



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  1. Like the brick purchase idea. Would make a fotune!

  2. Well played Joan!


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