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Happy exclusive relationship day to you!

As you may guess, I am not currently nor have I for many years been in an exclusive relationship. I am also not polyamorous or  anything other than a long term single person. I have nothing against holidays because I live to celebrate the slightest suggestion of fun, but the Bernie Sanders in me has had it with the 1 percent of you hogging your exclusive ownership of someone’s heart. I knew early on that not buying a home or having an exclusive best friend/husband or even a steady career path was going to be challenging to the understanding of some people. That appears to be my function in the world, to challenge some people. Yet, had I known how nervous I would become by lacking the world’s approval I would have not tried so hard to please everyone and focused solely on one person for the best possible results.

I grew up when everyone in school decorated a shoe box and received penny valentines from their classmates. Of course, I wished that someone liked me enough to give me a big one with glitter on it but that meant there was pressure to reciprocate and I was not that competent at glitter at the time. I looked at a page of vintage valentines and recognized a few – kids in spaceships together, a favorite as well as a big pig/hog wishing one a lovely day. I’m sure I got the latter one at least twice. That’s the kind that falls to the person you don’t want to get any wrong ideas, the one at the bottom of the list, that your mom  reminds you is on your class roster.

I also saw some that were perfectly delightful which I wish I had received even if the person just sent it by mistake. Here are a few:


My roommates and I had to google how to percolate coffee the other day. One must time the bubbles to ensure unburning of the coffee. I think these two no doubt aluminum buddies are really cute.Seeing as I love to cook I also loved this following one which  looks a bit like me if I dyed my hair.


I can’t find my egg beater. How does one lose an egg beater? Did it elope with the shortening cutter or are they both in a threesome somewhere with the slotted spoon? I may never know. This next one is not so cute but equally archaic.


The socks I buy wear out throughout the bottom so that there is no way I can actually fix one without sewing an entire sock on top of it.  I enjoy the forlorn  look on this fellow’s face, as it he just knows he’s going to get the boot!

Here is my last vintage favorite. I know I got one like it before but it was a white potato because we were Irish.


This one is healthy. I love how he has a cane and she loves him without judging his disability.

Here are some new valentines I’ve missed out on, although I can’t complain as I have not sent any out and have adequately indulged in both ice cream and cake today.


I have not however indulged in custard with fishsticks.This one also caught my eye.


This allows me to laugh at my own phobia of love.

I hope you had a good time with your exclusive love today even though I did not, or maybe I did and your love is not as exclusive as you might think.




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  1. Good post Joan. I’m glad to say slushiness doesn’t rule in our house and we are just an Us. 🙂


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