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Best Christmas presents eva!

And that is not Eva, like Eva Marie Saint who is 91 years old now just in case you never heard of her. The word is “eva” as in how you pronounce the word “ever” in Boston.


This is my Christmas potato. It was my potato, in my vegetable basket. When my roommate discovered I bought him present and he had none for me, he put it in a Christmas bag with the word “Joy” printed on it and gave it to me.  My gifts to him were a box of Cheerios  which had a free Star Wars Drone inside and a People magazine specially devoted to Star Wars. He immediately opened the cereal and found the droid, then announced he would have to keep buying boxes until he found BB8.

Here is another great present. My sister and I were on Skype discussing famous male folk singers who wrote inspirational, poetic lyrics and who might or might not have raspy voices. She found this particular link and even though Tom Waits was not the correct answer, it was the right one because when we listened we both laughed until we cried and could not breathe.

My favorite comment reads “nice try drunk, sick Captain Beefheart.”

This may be the best holiday compilation ever!

My roommate also brought home some Rocher candy balls. Someone on facebook shared a post that these particular treats often have dried moths entombed inside their hard chocolate shells. We have not been able to bring ourselves to crack them open. Perhaps we will wait until spring and do it outside, just in case.

The other great presents were getting to go caroling not just once but twice! I was invited to many parties which is much appreciated because I am single and unemployed. I had mulled wine, salmon in black rice and homemade wontons.  I am so lucky to know so many good people and cooks! Also I got to know some new ones.  No one actually knows what the New Year will bring but I hope it brings lots of laughs, parties, singing and potatoes!




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  1. that is so awesome Joan. Happy New Year

  2. Love the idea of a christmas potato. Sometimes an unusual gift holds more appeal that something traditional! Hubby had a packet of cheese and onion crisps, a sherbet fountain, a bag of peanuts and a chocolate santa the first Christmas we were together. Everything had been wrapped individually and put in a cardboard box to which I had attached half a dozen balloons!

  3. Joy to the world…er, potato.


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