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Anchorage after Obama

Obama's flowers are still in bloom!

Obama’s flowers are still in bloom!

Yes these are Obama’s flowers! It’s no secret that Obama stayed at the hotel I work at. Well maybe it was a little bit of a secret until the barriers went up and the dogs moved in. And bomb sniffing dogs have to pee, sometimes before it’s break time.

We got the flowers at our desk because Mr. Hickel was walking by with them, coming from “The Suite” and we gals were ooohing and ahhhing. so after walking by he brought them back to our desk.  I don’t know if Obama touched them. He definitely smelled them because they are very fragrant to the point that I sneeze frequently when nearby.

It was a very exciting week. Lots of secret service people and police everywhere. We had a metal detector installed and many tourists who dealt with it whether they voted for him or not. The Captain Cook is a classy place but it looked a little like a riot zone. Not only were there concrete barriers and cop cars but big snow trucks and army guys blocking access. We have lots of buses  who pull up each day full of tourists but they had to walk a block or two which is good for them since they have to sit down for hours on the buses to get to where Obama got in his speedy jets.

Would you be worried or feel safe here?

Would you be worried or feel safe here?

Here is the Big Top! This is where Obama supposedly exited the building so that is why there is a crowd gathered to watch.  Yes it was a bit of a circus but the show went on and what a show it was. I did not see the president except through the window of his limo and then I forgot to wear my glasses.

He's coming, He's coming, now he's gone.

He’s coming, He’s coming, now he’s gone.

After Obama bought all those cinnamon rolls at Snow City Cafe, there was quite a run on them.  The next day I brought some mini cinnabuns in for my co-workers with a little forged note from POTUS thanking them for their hard work.  I don’t think anyone read the note. They were eaten very quickly.

I will not lie. It got a little bleak here after Obama left. It rained. The flags are still up but the party’s over.

Time to say goodbye!

Time to say goodbye!

It’s time to say goodbye to summer, to my job and back to the future. Don’t know exactly know what’s next for me. I’ve got a part in a show. I’ve got some applications for work. I might take a trip. I took some rotting bananas and made some banana chocolate chip bread for my co-workers. Maybe I’ll tell them it’s from Michelle this time.


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  1. Wow, seeing the President of the USA. As a grammar school pupil, we all saw our Queen when she visited the town. The boys were on one side of the road, and us girls on the other (never the twain shall meet). We all had to pay 20p for a flag to wave as the limo went by. Three girls fainted (all were pregnant, nothing to do with the excitement of the moment).
    Whatever you do next, good luck!

  2. Joan, I really think you could find work at any FTD Florist Shop – really – just send in that picture of the 3 of you (minus the bird who looks like he/she is about to spear you} . I would waste no time if were you since the holidays are right around the corner. I know you might be looking/hoping for more interesting work – but my motto is “There are no small jobs – only small people.” Good luck and let me know how it goes, ok? Ho much was that beautiful arrangement?

  3. The way you’ve placed your hand – simply DIVINE! LOL


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