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Welcome my ideal reader you sorry bastard!

You could be doing so many better things than reading this. Perhaps you are thinking, as I often do when I read other people’s blogs – Bullshit! or if you are more the polite sort – I can write better than this piece of crap if I only had time between handfuls of Brookside Farms fake chocolate covered fruit bits!

I am hungry, apoplectic, lachrymose and timid. (HALT). I can’t speak for all my readers but I trust many of you are as well.  I take responsibility for my judgmental, vindictive feelings knowing that they come not from you or your blog where you rant about how unhealthy foods can kill you. These emotions spring from my genetic code and my desire to overdo things.They began way before I met you and will continue on no doubt through many medication regimens.

It is not about the food.  It’s not about Planned Parenthood. It’s not about cell phone radiation nor is it about mean people or fluoride in the water. This blog is actually about mental health and mental illness. These are diseases which happen to people no matter how much or little sugar they eat or whether or not they get an abortion.

Did I ever tell you about the psychic I visited in L.A?  I was miserable. She looked at all my Irish freckles and tears and  said, “Tell me about the abortion.” I almost punched her. My mother had died, my boyfriend was drinking too much, I had no job and had just moved across the country away from everyone I knew but him. I thought these were my problems. What an idiot she was. I know now that I was also just as much in the dark.  I didn’t know how long it took to grieve or that I had started to worry about someone else’s drinking in order not to focus on my own problems.  What a chump! But I looked great in a bathing suit.

This blog is also about humor. I am not funny because I am depressed, I am not depressed because I am funny. I am lucky to be funny 1 percent of the time. I keep my expectations low so that I am a superstar!

Speaking of superstars. I tore down a poster yesterday. This is very unlike me. I am all for freedom of speech. It was a quote from Banksy. I am sure he is a fine person once you don’t get to know him.  The thought of someone tagging the trail that I live on  felt like someone wanted to build a strip club or a twelve story apartment tower without asking the neighbors, (ie me) because their own art was so damned important. What about my art? Moreover I was sick and I wanted to kick myself so I kicked the closest person who wouldn’t get their feelings hurt – Banksy.

In order to atone for my sin, here are some photos of Banksy’s art.  He does not usually charge money for his art which is refreshing in this day and age.  Enjoy!

Nordstram's Rack is opening Sept. 3rd!

Nordstrom Rack is opening Sept. 3rd!

I hope a laughing ryot is okay

I hope a laughing ryot is okay

Old Man River

Old Man River


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  1. What a lousy psychic – shouldn’t she have known ahead of time that you wee going to punch her! What year was this? You have come a long way baby, I hope you know that! Back to Brandeis – is everyone we went to school with living like royalty – except us? Let me know. Here is something that will REALLY help – “In the end, everything will be fine, if its not fine – ITS NOT THE END – Roseann Roseanna Danna

    • love that quote! No everyone at Brandeis may have more money than us but they are all still human beings with their issues, addictions, illnesses and accidents. I had some joy today and that is what counts. Hope you did too.

  2. I think so = keep trying to but so sensitive to everything – which is better than being a Donald Trump

  3. Remember when it was so important to look good? And back then all it took was putting on a nice tailored shirt, or a bathing suit, or even a quick shower! Who were we really pleasing and what was THAT happiness really about? I am still the same in many ways – listen to cool music, like clothes – up to a point – but care abut so many more important things – and ask myself each day “How can I help?” Hope all is well


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