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I did not choose my blog’s name for dating purposes

If I had done so it might be a title which expressed heat instead of coldness, lust instead of desperation. I would have used a photo of The Love Boat instead of The Titanic.

The word Polarflares works for me on however many levels there are in a cruise ship.  I currently work in the cruise ship industry so let’s use a technical word and call them “decks.”  On the lowest deck of meaning, which might be called  literary steerage, we have the phenomena of solar flares. The more powerful the flares are, the more intense the displays of the Aurora Borealis or  Aurora Australis.  I live in Alaska. When I first moved here I would see The Northern Lights quite a bit.  Sometimes I just write about Alaska, The really low decks are where the crew lives, so if you read my blog just for the Alaska stuff, you are very important. I don’t think anyone really does. Except some lady from NPR who wanted me to add a photo of me being attacked by a moose to my biking post.  Most people read my blog because I am their friend or because they have a mental illness, or both.

Up one deck to economy class, The Northern Lights appear in cycles and I am also a cyclical person.I write about my moods to which I wish I could attribute some structure or cycle.   Actually The Northern lights are not really as predictable as people would like them to be and we are without their glory for long periods. Like inspiration, we’re just lucky to be there when they happen. This leads me to one of my favorite TV quotes about freedom, chaos and The Cold War.

prisonerI am not a number. I am a free man

Back to The 1st class deck.  “Polar” is a word that conjures up the extremes of weather.   “Flares” are emergency signals which might be confused for fireworks. Have you ever seen someone caught up in extreme anxiety? We act as if we’re gonna die but it’s actually all a matter of interpretation. I believe one can only die from anxiety if one acts on a stupid decision made when possessed by it.  To see the meaning in this it helps to be a poet or a therapist or once again, taking some kind of psychotropic medication.

Not to analyze this metaphor to death but I am someone who is prone to think and write about death. My grandparents ran a funeral home. Mostly I am curious as to how other people deal with adversity. Do I think that information will help me?  Perhaps, ruminating on that subject blog post after blog post will build an informational safety net?   Probably not. I am not extremely tough emotionally and only marginally tough physically although I could play tough on TV! That is why I found this lovely photo of The Titantic, mid sink, flares aloft, looking as if she was going to go down with a party going on. That’s how I want to go! There’s your Skydeck going down at the exclusively last moment with the band and free drinks!

The whole tag line here is to get across that this is also a humor blog. Humor is one of the heartiest remedies I know for depression, alienation and anxiety.  I feel powerful when I make people laugh. I have transformed terror into connection, hopefully without electrocuting anyone. One must remember who is in charge here. It isn’t me. If I try too hard, I sink. I must rely on that cosmic clown or God, as some of you might call him, who decided to sink the unsinkable ship.

It is hard work being funny, then again sometimes it comes out like honey. I have used humor to both amuse and alienate my friends, clients, co-workers and to distract that viciously unhappy child within.

So if you are looking for a title for your blog that is going to market your product well, don’t listen to me. My title means more to me than to anyone else. But then I’m the one who reads it the most.


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My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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