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What I noticed today in Anchorage

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5:10 am

Today I biked to work. As I rounded the curve by Valley of the Moon Park, it was sprinkling and a beautiful young moose turned to look at me. He was thin with tiny velvet stubs poking from his head. We observed each other as I whizzed by. I said hello softly.

5:15 am

It is not a food pantry day. No one is lined up outside the church as they frequently are early in the am.

5:20 am

I know I’m downtown when I hit the seagull zone. Technically, these are probably Mew Gulls.

9:30 am

I’m working in a downtown Anchorage hotel. Outside I see two young white robed Catholic clergymen scurrying down the street. One is very tall and thin, the other short. They have ropes around their waists and the way they move reminds me of Pekin ducks. They wind up waiting in the long line for breakfast at the hotel cafe.  Even though they hurried up to wait, their running wasn’t wasted on me.

2:45 pm

On a tip from a co-worker I discover a food cart at the NW corner of the Performing Arts Center which serves Poutine!  I have always wanted to try Poutine and it does not disappoint.  The French fries are cooked right in front of me, the cheese curds warmed, then the whole thing covered in Brown Gravy.  It’s the Canadian version of The Kentucky Fried Chicken Bowl.  Yum!

3:15 pm

The  grandchild of the folks next door is staying with them for the week. She is sitting outside on the grass between our driveways and shows me a bug she has found. Later on in the evening, she and her grandparents and some of the neighborhood kids are on the porch blowing big bubbles.

7:00 pm

Bike ride with The Anchorage Bike Coalition to see Pocket Parks of Anchorage. The first thing I notice is that the sun is out and the wind is strong, just the way I like it. Also I love biking with other people. It’s like a parade but you get to talk. There were some people I knew and others I didn’t which is perfect.  Most of us are wearing geeky tee shirts. We are encouraged to use an App to register our visits to the parks so we can win prizes but this proves too frustrating for me. I can hardly see to take a photo with my phone in the bright sun, let alone get the app started.

7:15 pm

Lovely, lonely, Sandhill Crane  right next to the Coastal trail. If the priests were ducks, this is me.

7:20 pm

Can you see the geese?

Can you see the geese?

Geese in pairs, huddled in the tall grass of the estuary. Nesting?

7:30 pm

The trees are having a vigorous conversation with the wind. It’s fun to listen in.

7:40 pm

You know you’re in Alaska when you see a little league game in June where three people are  standing in the sun wearing long blankets to keep warm.

7:45 pm

Some penned up dogs bark at us from across the street. I dub this tiny park stop “Mad Dog Park.”

7:50 pm

The Turnagain neighborhood is too quiet. The houses are huge and beautiful but when I was young  houses that big meant there were kids. There are no children playing in the streets. Maybe everyone is older or people don’t have so many kids these days. It feels sad, like living in a place where there are less bird sounds.

7:55 pm

One of the other riders comments, ” Why do we have to ride so fast? I feel like I can’t enjoy the sights.” I agree, it seems that even though the ride is leisurely, it is about destinations and one wants to enjoy the journey.  I vow to visit these neighborhoods more often, maybe for yard sales to meet the neighbors.

8:00 pm

Forest Park – Ferns galore!

8:45 pm

If I were in a car or looking at my phone constantly I would have missed most of this.


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  1. Thanks, Joan. You have inspired me.

  2. It’s the same being out on the river. The motorway traffic denotes those in a hurry to drive fast and get somewhere before it’s too late for whatever they’re rushing for. Meanwhile, we chug gently underneath the bridge, taking in the swans, ducks, and geese, and watching the ripple of our wake gently nudge the reeds on the banks. Time? Yeah. Ours!

  3. I just took some test from the UK that says I have a 1 in 100 chance dying in five years time. I guess I better slow down and enjoy life before I rush myself to death!


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