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Anxiety woman attempts to enjoy her first day of unemployment

No, I am not the anchor lady in Anchorage who quit her job on the air. I am just a lowly seasonal tourism employee who is lucky enough not to have to wake at 4:15 am this morning, but unlucky enough to no longer be receiving a pay check.  Sure I could go on unemployment but what’s the sense of that when unemployment just makes me more anxious and really does not lend street cred to being an employment counselor.

I lazed in bed this morning until 10:30 am then set about applying for jobs even though I felt like eating chocolate. I managed to stall the chocolate eating until the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory at  7 pm. Who the hell thought that having another show about geniuses right after Big Bang was a good idea? Especially geniuses who look all hip and try to save the world? We want loser geniuses!  We want less explosions and more humiliation please. At least I do.

I managed, with the help of my friend Alexsys, the Alaska Job Source, to apply for three jobs. The first job, for which I am not really qualified and which pays the least, called me up within 5 minutes of my submitting my resume. This leads me to believe that they are desparate  I am not, yet.   One of the other jobs is on a military base which will probably require months of waiting and red tape, and the third job is at a corporation where I have applied several times before and never gotten an interview. Only now I have my license! It is the license of a Professional Counselor. I also have a driver’s license which is infinitely more useful as a Professional Counselor can’t cure people only listen and try to encourage growth, kind of like a farmer or a school teacher with duct tape on their mouth.

Luckily, I was saved from applying for more jobs by a phone call from a friend who was spending his first day completely alone with his infant daughter. We went for a hike, as much as a hike as a person carrying 12 extra pounds of tiny nose, mouth, hands and feet can handle.  My friend, new dad that he is, stopped occasionally to check for breathing and such.  We saw quite a few moose as it is the time of year when moose tend to congregate for baby making themselves.  He remarked, off the record that  getting a photo of the baby with a moose would be cool but would probably result in a quick divorce.

After the hike I bought fried chicken at the local supermarket. This is not something I usually do but I was very hungry and feeling like celebrating making it through a summer of ending two jobs well and not telling anyone to F* themselves on the air.  Sure I’m anxious but I’m lucky in that I have a chance to redefine myself not as a job but as a person.  I can spend some time each day singing and painting as well as job searching. I can apply for unemployment if I want but I bet I can find a Holiday job which would pay as much and make me some friends.

I also sent my brother in law a photo of a cat looking at their claws exclaiming,  ” I am Wolverine.” That was probably the highpoint of the day.

This is how I feel when I get in touch with my anger!

This is how I feel when I get in touch with my anger!


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  1. I just had my first day of unemployment too! quit my job as an Accountant because I realized I don’t wanna be one for the rest of my life. Attempting a career change arrrggh. all the best xx

  2. I haven’t been employed (other than casual work in a museum and dog kennels) for seven years. I didn’t sign on as I would have been penalised for having a small pension coming in, and any jobs available were more than likely to have been some 50 odd miles away, thus not cost effective as owning a car I would have been expected to travel, no matter what the distance. Sometimes the System in the UK defies all logic and realism.
    It’s nice to be in control of your own time though.

  3. You have an exemplary attitude. I envision you counseling some lucky people.


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