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Can't have the bow without the rain

Can’t have the bow without the rain

The world doesn’t end because I’m out of a job. It’s actually a great opportunity to celebrate and count my blessings. No severance package needed but a break for the weary soul is appreciated.  It’s been a wonderful 11 year ride full of delicious food, smoky disasters, problem solving, drama, art, poetry and downright goofiness.  Some people thought I was high to stay at my job so long. Some people thought I was stoned given how I would sing, dance and wear gigantic bell bottoms at work.

Being an activity therapist has its perks.  I’m a  fan of taking retirement breaks a little bit at a time, not saving it all for the end of life. Let’s see how fast my brain recovers from this transition. I’ll probably find a goofy temp job to get me through the summer. Maybe I can use this weekend to brainstorm some self-employment and fun activities?

1.  Anchorage Oddity Tours – Wear my new giant squid costume. Show tourists the strangest things I can find within walking distance of downtown. Probably shouldn’t spray them with ink. Oh is that an octopus who does that? My bad.

2.  Anchorage  Squawks – a short video series with pointed questions asked of people walking downtown about information they might have read on facebook which is completely preposterous, like that guns are good.

3.   Lunch on me – this I steal from many others, including one of my former roommates. Make a dozen sandwiches a week to give out to people on the streets, include an original poem and something chocolate, no origami swans, jiggers of booze, but maybe a breath mint wouldn’t be out of the question.

4.  Time for another music video, might have to take a dance class to boost my production values. I have the grapevine down but that’s about it.  Maybe I can combine this with the tours and get the tourists in costume, post it on youtube as part of the fun?

5.   Run more ridiculous road races in costume. Host more costume theme parties (from the woman who never met a costume she didn’t like)

6. Dress up in formal wear to do my food shopping. Don’t forget the white gloves!

7.  Write a play, a funny one, or do some comedy, make some people laugh and some people sick!


That’s probably enough bad ideas for now. Activity therapists don’t die they just keep having fun. I will not be working in a marijuana cafe if they come to Alaska.  Notice that it seems to be all dudes who work there?  Being a lady, I live in constant paranoia of the munchies.  If you have any ideas of fun jobs for me, let me know!


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  1. Love number 6.
    Reminds me of my Dad and Brother when they were in business lining chimneys. Their proud boast was it was so clean, they arrived dressed in top hats and a tux!

    • that is a great marketing ploy!

      • It was, and they did very well for several years.
        When we organized a treasure hunt, one of the clues was to get Sooty and Sweep’s autographs. Hubby was Sooty (CB handle) and my Dad was Sweep. To assist our entrants, Hubby wore a huge badge on his chest, and Dad had the chimney brushes attached to his van. They turned out to be one of the most difficult clues to resolve! 🙂

  2. I know it’s really a transition, but I think you will be having some fun with this new time. I’m happy for you.


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