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Why I like being Darth Vader

  Did you take that Star Wars quiz on Facebook? Admit it, you’ld rather take a projective test like this than go to a therapist.   I won the grand prize – Darth Vader-dom!

Here’s why.

  1.    Pleased with shiny things like a polished black helmet

2.         Enjoy hearing myself breathe

3.       Not a lot of lines to memorize because the cape does the talking


4.       Like my chocolate on the dark side

5.         Have fun promenading around with the other Sith Lords


6.     The remote is right on my chest – don’t get grabby!


7.      Meaner than Springsteen on the mouth organ


8.        TSA misses light saber every time

9.   .     Get to hang with The Terminator at Evil Villain Meet Ups

10.     Better looking as  I age


About polarflares

My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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  1. Loved this, excellent! Especially 6.


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