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What does the fox eat?


Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!  Arctic Fox, lookin’ to pounce on some crazy crunchy cold vole.


Cold Vole looking to avoid Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!, if possible. It’s the Nutria of the North. Except Nutria generally stay out of your kitchen and can be eaten on a stick.


I am NUTRIA -King of the Bayou (except for maybe the alligator)

This particular arctic fox visited Louisiana about a month ago and had some fine food!  You probably know people eat alligator. This is how you eat Nutria.


You can cook field mice (vole), but why bother? I did not eat Nutria but I would have, if I could have found some on the menu.  I haven’t seen enough of Duck Dynasty to know if they eat these.  Nutria were originally brought to Louisiana for the fur. I don’t like talking about fur. That’s what the fox says.

I did eat one of The Duck Dynasty specials – Big old toady size deep fried frog’s legs! (Hopefully not too old.)

Those are some big frog thighs!

Those are some large thighed frogs!

These froggies tasted like they were algae-fed.   You can make them gluten free by using rice chex for the coating!

Rice is another big product of Louisiana, as is sugar. Everything is covered in sugar, especially the people’s voices.  There are satsuma mandarins growing in front yards and  pecans are $5.99 a pound at the supermarket!  Walnuts are $10.99 a pound in Anchorage and they aint no pecans.

The Yellow Bowl restaurant. This is the place you must go.


It is very pleasant. There are local celebrities and people from other tables talk to you.  This is what they serve there.

deep south fried crawfish tails!

deep south fried crawfish tails!

I also tried Creole Cream Cheese ice cream.


and some bread. The bread came from a bakery, not a store front. You see the red light at the front which tells you they’ve got fresh bread, but you go to the back where they bake it to buy it.


If you come visit Alaska we will make some Agutuk (berries and fat  or fish) ice cream, visit the food truck where they serve salmon cupcakes, and drink some water fresh from a glacier.

We don’t have a dancing horse like Craig Ferguson or freaky prancing animals like they apparently have in Norway but we do have moose who can kill you with their hooves.  That should be enough for you!


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