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Don we now our gay apparel!

I’m working 4 out of 5 days next week, how about you?  In order to keep my mental health positive I act like work is a fashion show and I’m the star.  I’m not saying that I’m really competitive or unprofessional in my appearance but I do run the risk of not being taken seriously quite well.  It’s my way of spreading holiday cheer, not by exposing too much leg, but by challenging people to laugh or interact with me over my festive choices.

Depression has a way of shutting a lot of us down  whether it’s hot or cold, merry or maudlin. I’m lonely and the attention helps me. Also a little self deprecating humor goes a long way. It’s not like I have to buy something. Here’s a few ideas for you. Mostly vintage fashion pieces you might have hanging in the closet.


This from a vintage J C Penney Christmas catalog from 1979.

This is from a holiday party with my mother’s Uncle Gus, me,and my mom in 1979. 


Note the fashion forward holiday skirt and my holding the car keys away from the merry makers! It was a time of madras and of burgundy cotton prints.  My mother was only a couple years older than I am today and she looks pretty hot! Speaking of hot, I would like to wear the dress below to a party but I don’t want to look too desperate.  Candy skirt and silver hair, not the best combination. Maybe if the dress was a maxi. I apologize for this photo as it does feature an airbrushed model with a space between her thighs.  Let me remind you,  in case you did not notice her head was cut off, that she is an object not a person.



Now for some more practical outfits which won’t melt in the microwave.

How about something  that doesn’t say “eat me” but “I bake the cookies!”


What’s sexier than a lady in an apron?  How about a lady in an apron who smells like bacon? That was me today after I made chocolate bacon cookies Recipe right here.

Maybe you would feel more comfortable in a heavier skirt, especially if you live in Alaska like me.  Here is something that looks like it would weigh about 100 lbs when wet. I was thinking felt or corduroy but  it could be a summer crepe. Wear your silk long underwear and Sorrels for a more Anchorage feel.


 The next outfits should not be confused with over the top Christmas sweaters. They are plaid. Plaid is cool! I know, it looks a little like Meg and Jo go to to work at a brothel  to help support Marmee but they are festive.


Glitter is good. I’m not sure you can overdo it.  If you don’t have the energy to wear a glittery outfit then just  wear  some Christmas decorations on a scarf. Really look at this. It’s easy and fun.  Skip the Santa hat just to keep them thinking. What the hell is going on here?


Merry Christmas



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  1. I recognise some of these from my younger days and had a skirt very similar to yours. I also remember having a fabulous black maxi skirt that used to belong to a great aunt and was put in our dressing up box. I wore it for years and attached tinsel to it for Christmas. Sadly that got put in the wash too. Ho hum. Enjoy!


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