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Another rejection from McSweeney’s, damn it.

I have a love/hate relationship with McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. In case you have never checked them out they have lots of funny stuff which is written by English majors who are not employed by them , or perhaps by anyone, but who want to be included in the cult. It’s like wordpress  on crack.  There are a couple of categories I like such as the letters written to famous people and the lists. I keep submitting lists but they keep getting rejected because I’m not really a word geek nor am I into heavy metal rock bands.  Here is a link to their “Lists” page so you can see what I’m up against.

They are literary, they are geeky, they often seem to be written from a male perspective. The lists emanate an aroma of nostalgia for popular culture with a nose for the classics.  I, on the other hand, like to write about what makes me angry and do an hour or two research tops to produce a list which satisfies me, if no one else.

Two women’s clothing catalogs make me rip roaring angry. One is Altheta. The other is Title 9.  They have pictures of women who are worse than models in that all the folks featured  are  muscular, fat free athletes with p.h.d.’s/m.d’s who are raising 3 toddlers.  This is dangerous territory for a workaholic depressive like myself.  They are also into women’s empowerment through purchasing clothing. This is a wicked task surely. Anyway here is my rejected list. Enjoy!


Image from Athleta or Karma Sutra?

Americanized Karma Sutra positions or items from The Athleta, “Power to the She” catalog.

1. The Shoulder Holder
2. The Twist Half Zip
3. The Dipped Wilton Wrap
4. The Reverse Cowgirl
5. The Amazon
6. The Shiva Top
7. The Ying Yang 2 in 1 Tight
8. The Fusion
9. The Pilayo Glove
10. The Chaturanga Yoga Knickers
11. The Empowerment Tank
12. The Life Factory Flip Top Cap Glass Bottle
Karma Sutra (1,4,5,8)
Athleta (2,3,6,7,9,10,11,,12)

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