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What’s more fun than a carbonated can full of zombies? How about the Frightening 4K folks holed up in the lobby of The Captain Cook Hotel waiting for the race to start?  The tourists got an twisted eyeful of the real Anchorage as they exited the elevator expecting waffles with whipped cream and instead encountered men with knives through their heads.

May I get you a Bloody Mary to start your brunch?

May I get you a Bloody Mary to start your brunch?


What I like best is the smile on this guy’s face when I took the photo. Totally twisted.  When we  saw Captain Cook staff members, it was hard to tell them from the runners.  A tiny chef in her toque appeared carrying a pumpkin head and plunked it down on the table.  Here it is.

Doctor,I hear this little voice that's driving me mad

Doctor,I hear this little voice that’s driving me mad


They have some cool automatronic stuff in the lobby but that’s difficult to capture in a photo. Let’s just say there was a witch with glowing eyes wiggling her hips like a hooker while stirring her cauldron.  She would have made a great pair with a dancing Santa.


It was about 35 degrees outside so the lobby was packed. The Captain Cook is an nice traditional hotel. In keeping with the theme of the British nautical hero who travelled to Alaska and was killed by the people he was trying to discover/conquer, the décor is dark, historic and a bit haunting.


Note the background in the following photo.




The two fellows in the foreground appear to be enjoying their status as minions. Looking over their shoulder is  someone who is wearing similar headgear but does not look like minion-hood would set well with them.  He is probably thinking, “So this is what it all comes down to…”


Some folks preferred to wait outside as they came costumed for the weather.

The weather inside is frightful but the cold is so delightful

The weather inside is frightful but the cold is so delightful


Halloween gives people a chance to wear their insides, (fantasies) on the outside. This is a good facsimile of the average Alaskan man – an abominable snowman. Sure there were tons of Supermen, Wonder woman. We’re all so delusionally powerful but Halloween is a time for the shadow to escape not the saint.  Here’s a couple more examples.


Move over slowpokes, Jesus coming through!

Move over slowpokes, Jesus coming through!


Technically Jesus is sort of a Saint, sort of a Superman but playing him on Halloween actually makes you a bit devilish. Might I add that this guy was about 6’6″ and ran really fast.  As a friend pointed out – no cross!


I've got Cabin Fever!

I’ve got Cabin Fever!


There were a couple of Red Riding Hood and Wolf duos. This guy lost his gal pal but notice the wall minion looking over his left shoulder. He isn’t scared. He’s thinking , “Give me a spear.”  May I add there were many bearded costumes apropos to facial condition of most Alaskan men.  Some came as Red Sox Nation.  Others as world travelers.


We get around.

We get around.


The cutest costumes were the kids but I don’t take photos of kids because it’s trouble putting their little faces on the internet. Some people say Halloween is a children’s holiday.  That’s a little like saying war is for children. Sure in the last 50 or so years kids have Trick or Treated but in the Way Back, young men were sent out in disguise to deal with the undead the night before the new pagan year which became All Soul’s/ All Saints day.


Then there’s me. I won a costume prize. That’s because mine was very, very homemade  looking and I kept prancing around interacting with everyone.  You can’t quite tell what I am from this photo but I wasn’t going to pay  the $10. for the lovely shot they took of me crossing the finish line.


The inner insanity is leaking like the Exxon Valdez

The inner insanity is leaking like the Exxon Valdez


First of all the skirt is floor length, shiny and scaly with orange tulle shooting out the sides like fins. It’s also lined with fleece and easy to run in given the side slits. I made the scallop shells pinned to my bra and you can just barely see the shark swimming around my back, also attached to my bra.  I have a flashing candy corn necklace on just in case it looked like I didn’t try hard enough.  I won a  $50 gift certificate to Allure Day Spa which will cost me as their treatments run about $150 but you only live once and my skin looks like it’s lived twice already.  Other winners included a giant spider lady who I chastised during mile 1 for “eating and running”, just plain rude.  As they gave out candy en route I can brag that my  time of 25 minutes could be readjusted for candy procurement and reattaching the shark head which bobbled off in mile 2.  Also a lady in a wheelchair boat accompanied by a fish and fisherperson got a prize as well as an adorable light up robot and a washing machine with underwear on her head.


The race itself was short and brilliant, with the fog lifting in the rail yard to the theme of Ghostbusters.  The way down tot the rail yard was appropriately frightening as the thin layer of moisture left it covered in ice which I chose to slide down instead of running.

I learned a new joke from another runner. “Why does a mermaid wear Seashells?”

“Because the B shells are too small.”


In terms of alter egos, the crazy mermaid archetype  is not new for me.  I will show you instead my true inner persona who I have place on a throne in my front yard for the duration.

This is the real me!

This is the real me!


That’s me alright. Flaky skin, cranky face, all spread out in an easy chair.  Miserable and showing it. Daring you to try and make me smile.  Couldn’t go out without snazzy shoes though! Hippy Halloween to y’all!







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  1. I loved this, wish I’d been there. Truly Excellent post as it made me laugh, a good start to the day (the UK has a hurricane apparently………….. not here, but the weather stone is wet). Looking forward to more.


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