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Scaredy cats and other things that make me happy

Evil rummage cat- day

Evil rummage cat- day

Evil rummage cat -night

Evil rummage cat -night

Hey I took a cat from a rummage sale and made it look even scarier! Easier done with cats than with rummage sale dogs which are more dorky.

I went to a Princess birthday party. At said party I saw the best unrecorded America’s Funniest Home Video moment ever.  No one laughed at it but me, but then I have no children and this proves why.

My friend A., who shall remain unnamed, but you know who you are, was attempting to clear a pond of water which had settled in a pleasant blue tarp over the swing set.  A couple of children were asked to move but not the one who appeared to have poked her head above said tarp. A. pushed the tarp from the bottom and the entire contents showered over said 2 year old on a crisp clear Alaskan day with the snow covered mountains in the background and her drenched ringlets in the front. The sound track would feature a prolonged high pitched scream with muffled laughter on my part. The  funniest part is when the water is up in the air and we can all see where it’s going to go except for Shirley Temple. Also the fact that I am trying not to laugh and keeps saying sorry then laugh again becoming a pariah amongst parents. That’s very funny to me.

I’m sorry but I’m laughing now. No one got  hurt, just shocked, embarrassed, ashamed and wet. I am evil, like the cat.   As a punishment my car bumper had to be duct taped together on the way home because I broke it on some big Girdwood bump.  Just so you don’t worry, she didn’t die of pneumonia but was out riding her bike in a new outfit within minutes.  I on the other hand will be dishing out some major money for a new bumper.

Here is another photo which makes me happy. This is of the trees peeking over my house. These are the trees which sit outside my bedroom window but I had never seen them from this direction. They are quite friendly.

Peaking trees!

Peeking, Peaking trees!

Here is the mountain at the end of my street. I mean it looks like it’s at the end of my street but it’s probably quite far away. It makes me feel important to look at it, like I have a National Monument or something in my backyard. I don’t have a backyard because I live in a duplex and we have the front yard. So I get this and they get an alley!

My street is so cool!

My street is so cool!

This makes me happy. What’s at the end of your street?


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  1. I would have been laughing right with you and passing you the tissues. That could explain why I’m not a popular auntie!


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