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monthlong travel stats for average middle class amercan traveler -me

I am anime!

I am anime!

Number of trips to or from an airport:  9 , (3 by car, 6 by mega coach bus or public transport

Number of trips to Dunkin Donuts: 4 ( 3 raspberry lime coladas, 3 chocolate glazed and one lemonade donut)

Number of cars rented: 2 ( one economy and one BMW convertible ( a SUPER upgrade)

Number of times driven around The Gare de Lyon  in order to find the rental car return:  6

Amount of roadkill produced : 0, unless you count cicadas

Number of Cicadas which rose from the dead in our car:  1

Number of languages spoken:  2 (French and English, did not attempt Icelandic)

Number of family members visited:  6

Number of knock down drag out fights :0 ( a big thank you to my therapist and my patient family)

Number of French pattisseries visited: countless

Number of long walks/hikes:  equal to the number of pattisseries

Word heard most often in France, besides “bonjour”:   ” Interdites!”

Number of times young men were observed performing acrobatic tricks to Macklemore and Ryan’s “Thrift Shop” in a Paris Metro car:  2

Number of songs made up with friends and family about wild boars:  1

Number of trips to the pharmacy for festering wounds:  3

number of  parks broken into late at night at the instigation of my sister Beth: 1

Number of worker’s cooperative cafes eaten in, at the instigation of my sister Beth:  1

Number of times my hair was fashioned  like someone in Japanese Manga by my sister Beth: 1

Number of “muns” or “man bun” hairdos observed : over 25

Number of times people pretended to find a gold ring and sell it to me on the same bridge: 2

Number of times that floating vomit interfered with our plans to swim:  1

Photos to illustrate these statistics will follow at a later date!


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My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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  1. Hello Polarflares,

    I am a producer with National Public Radio and found your wonderful blog! We are researching a series for the fall on COMMUTING and are intrigued by your beautiful commute. Is it possible for us to talk by phone?

    Cindy Carpien
    Producer, Morning Edition

    • whoa, is this for real? Never got a comment like this before. I’ll let folks know what comes of this. It is a pretty nice commute though isn’t it? The first year I got a bit spooked by the moose and having to backtrack a mile or so to avoid them. Now that I know it’s a legitimate excuse to say “I’m late because of a moose.”


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