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Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert – All personnel report to battle stations!

Doctor! Doctor?

I can not help that I am a nerd. I went on vacation to Los Angeles and instead of coming back with new shoes or a dress I came back with STUCK ON STAR TREK. This is essentially a colorforms book with which you can recreate scenes from episodes or create new ones. I have chosen the latter as I am terrible with details. I can’t even find my camera so bear with me and my cell phone.

.Doctor! Doctor?

What is the Doctor really made of?

It’s secretary’s day and Jim forgot to get The Gorn flowers. At the last minute, Kirk gives him a potted plant which does not appease him. The Gorn reverts to his former self before he went to finishing school. Jim calls The Doctor for backup.  McCoy remembers that he is a doctor, not a fighter, and takes the elevator to anywhere else but here. When Spock finds out he makes a bowl of jello for The Doctor and equates McCoy to that very substance – sweet but insubstantial. McCoy contacts the current Doctor, (the one who wears a cowboy hat), on his communicator and he shows up and takes down Spock with his cosmic screwdriver.

The little bubble from Kirk reads, “Fire”, that from the elevator reads, “I’m a doctor, Jim.”  These come with the kit. I may have to buy some other colorforms products to add to the fun.

Do you know the history of Colorforms? I found it  on http://www.

“Harry and Patricia Kislevitz discovered the elegant and simple concepts behind Colorforms’ success – adhesion and repositionability – when a friend who manufactured pocketbooks gave these two art students a roll of flexible paper-thin vinyl. The Kislevitzes discovered that the vinyl stuck to the semi-gloss paint in their bathroom, and began cutting shapes out of the material and placing them on the wall. Having fun with the process, they left extra material and a pair of scissors out for guests to add to their creation. Based on the concept’s success, the Kislevitzes decided to market their idea as a consumer product. Originally targeting other artists and adults, the product quickly became popular with children and the Colorforms brand took hold.”

This is definitely one of those things you want to try at home. Look what else I found on

"Not for children under 3 years old"

“Not for children under 3 years old”

Yup that’s what it said. Probably because the little glitter gloves could kill them.  Even though there are many tiny tribbles and guns included in my Star Trek set I found no such warning. By the way, it says “there are over 70 reusable character and object “Kling-on stickers” but most of these are tribbles so don’t get too excited.

Episode 2

The Trouble with Tumbleweeds

The Trouble with Tumbleweeds

“Beam me up, Scotty”, cries The Doctor after one too many Jim Beams at the local saloon. The authorities on Delta 9 are attempting to subdue McCoy and Chekov  who are impeding traffic on an interplanetary highway which they, in their drunken stupor, believe is a Western town of Mid -19th century America. Chekov is completely comatose after consuming much Smirnoff and is about to be bopped on the head by a tranquilizing tumbleweed which closely resembles a Tribble. They will soon join Scotty who is frequently in the brig for overindulgence in substances.

It’s too bad you can’t appreciate how lovely these really look. I have not seen a Doctor Who product like this but I would buy one if I could.

Sulu! Put your shirt back on!

Sulu! Put your shirt back on!

Episode 3

Everyone on the deck is taken aback as Sulu  tears off his shirt and pulls out a fencing foil attempting to rip the shirts off his fellow shipmates. Meanwhile, The Enterprise has flown into a cave and is in danger of landing. The Enterprise has never touched the ground before. The ship is actually  allergic to dirt. A bunch of rock eggs are sitting in the back of the cave laughing as if they were Tribbles.

Episode 4

The New Regime

The New Regime

I believe the new Klingon commander is saying “most illogical” (as there were no Klingon captions available). He is  concerned about the new dress code which has emerged since his takeover of The Enterprise.  Suddenly Ohura looks less sexy and more, well, tribbled.  Maybe incorporating Klingon colors into the uniforms was not such a good idea.

I had a good deal of fun with this. It was almost worth the money I spent at Barnes & Noble. Please let me know if you have any interesting colorforms at home. I may have to decorate my bathroom with these to cover all the black mold.


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  1. Yay Star Trek Nerd-dom Rules! I especially like the Kirk/Gorn one. Not that it’s Kirk/Gorn. More like the Harlequin version of Kirk meets the Gorn. Dr. McCoy in the string tie cowboy suit is pretty cool too.
    Most excellently well done! I heartily approve! 😉


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