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Channeling Saint-Exupery

Can you see the swans?

Can you see the swans?

When preparing for a trip to France I rely on my copies of Le Petit Prince and Les Royaumes Du Nord, both of which I have in English and French. I learn the words for elephant, snake and polar bear, words that are necessary to communicate meaningfully with a very important demographic, les enfants.

I visited Paris once and noticed that I am more like the children of the city than the adults. Perhaps this is because America is so young and boisterous. Maybe it’s just because I’m a little depressed so I dress in bright colors, make lots of noise and don’t give a shit. Smoking, sunglasses, scarves – they’re for people who give a shit. People outside of Paris, just a train ride away, are more open. They smile. It’s isn’t so hard to see the elephant inside. I’m not against searching for the silliness in the city but why work so hard when I’m on vacation.

Here are some drawings I made with my computer.The birds are back in Anchorage. It’s a beautiful spring for skiing. This is what I saw the other night skiing around 7:30 at night.

snow eagle

snow eagle

The birds are traveling and so am I. I will go South to Glendale, California and have some delicious food from a Cuban bakery. We don’t have any Cuban bakeries up here. Hostess just reopened up the street however.  That means the pigeons will be back to the dumpsters soon.  My sister, her husband and I will be visiting The Queen Mary. It’s a boat but it doesn’t move, like the cars which stop moving sometimes on the highways there.  Like everywhere else, they have a ghost tour.  Even in Iceland they have a ghost tour. I’m thinking of starting a ghost tour of my neighborhood.  You have to use your imagination here, since it’s light all the time. Not very scary.  Here’s the first stop.

Stonehedge North

Stonehedge North

These rocks of ice are moved by hands unseen. They magically disappear by the summer solstice. I could also show them my crawl space.  Imagination is my best quality. That maybe what helped Saint-Exupery survive his desert crash. It certainly helps me thrive in Anchorage.  Why I think visiting Iceland sounds like fun when I live in Icy Land I don’t know.  The Vikings? The Hot baths?  I know what I’ll be doing. I’ll be walking around trying to pretend I’m Icelandic. I’ll probably wear heels and  drink something that looks like alcohol but isn’t. But I won’t smoke or wear a scarf.



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