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Alternative Anchorage Easter

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Hoppin' down the bunny trail at Campell Creek

Hoppin’ down the bunny trail at Campbell Creek


Who doesn’t like chocolate bunnies and eggs, spring and good tidings of a risen spirit?   I’ve almost aged out of all the fun but not quite. Spring is the best time to cross country ski especially on trails with lots of trees to shade them from the unrelenting sun, like over at Campbell Creek trailhead. This is where skiers cross tracks with dog sleds. Woe be to the skate skier who thinks they have the right of way to their workout. Especially when the crossing sled is being driven by a 7 foot tall rabbit with a cargo of eggs.  Maybe it’s a cross dressing hare or a load of donor pre-babies on the way to a fertility center or an U.S. Senator caught with his earmarks up but whoever it is needs you to slow down and smell the dog poop!

Not really in the mood for chocolate and I’ve had plenty of experience biting off heads so yesterday I headed for my favorite – Fire Island Bakeshop and picked up one of these.

Egg-stra special Parisian Macaron

Egg-stra special Parisian Macaron


So Marie Antoinette – an almondy, light confection with strawberry creme and shaped today like an oeuf! It’s really much smaller than it looks. It”s good to peck at it so it lasts longer.  I also saw a magnificent creation they were selling for $32- assorted berries and lemon mousse piled into a basket of upright ladyfingers tied with a bow. I bought some berries, cream and a lemon on my way home and voila —


No ladies’ fingers were harmed in the making of this Easter treat

The recipe is so easy and so quick it must be shared. You’ll need a bain marie. I just said that because I like the word, a double boiler or a bowl to put over/not in boiling water will do just fine. To make the lemon curd I took 3 eggs yolks & 1 egg, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/3 C of lemon juice and whatever lemon peel/rind I could scrape off my lemon and used a wire whip to get it all frothy and then thick on top of the boiling water.  A candy thermometer will measure 160 degrees when it gets thick.  I let that cool whipped 3/4 cup of whipping cream and added this in two parts. I used the last 1/4 in the little cream carton to whip for the top.  I just layered in whatever berries were fresh and there you have it, a springy, eggy, Easter  thingy.

Those Catholic religious calendars can’t be all wrong. This is the best time to start anew, make resolutions, plans, get out and do something new and good for the world. Gentleness is my word for the week. Not “Gentileness”, I ‘ve got that down. I need to treat myself kindly, let myself be okay with not being a super achiever, world class negotiator, problem solving maniac.  If I can be gentle with myself maybe I can be so with others. I need to notice when the reins are too tight around my neck so I don’t bite someone. I am, by the way, the one who is usually tightening my own reins.

The breeze is gentle, the birds are chirpy, the world is thawing, so there’s really no reason I shouldn’t fall in.  I don’t have to be happy, I don’t have to be funny, although being ridiculous does help. I wish  you a happy Easter, lots of eggs, chocolate, party dresses, (and/or chocolate party dresses), fertility, and earmarks.  May gentleness abound and,  if possible, consider ceding the right of way at unexpected intersections.


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  1. I love your resourcefulness– to see the Fire Island expensi-goodie, then you buy the ingredients and make your own inspiration.


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