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I am the 1% – now eat some cake

I’m  fatigued reading  the many Facebook posts trashing the enormously wealthy. I herefore out myself to my small but faithful audience. I am disgustingly rich and careless. I liken myself to Marie Antoinette, except for the child bride part.
For instance, I love shoes, sweets and sequins. I take showers that would provide water for an entire village in Africa. I also aspire to martyrdom. Not that you need to start sharpening your blades but consider this. Stop projecting your venom at Donald Trump and sundry rich Republicans and target me instead. I’m a Democrat who just bought a gas guzzler, who is currently wearing shorts with the heat on in Anchorage, Alaska, just because I can. I have voted Republican several times in my life and I don’t regret it. I do however regret voting for Ralph Nader, but only because he has such a bad temper.

Here’s a pair of shoes I bought on line. I don’t need them. I want them! In my own defense, I can’t remember ever owning pink shoes. I was going to buy baby pink ones with sparkles but they had big diamonds or Swarovski crystals on the buckles and even though they came in Size 11’s they screamed Princess not QUEEN!

Marie says, "Damn the sequester, full speed ahead!"


I’ve just watched two movies about Marie A. as I also booked an unforgiveably polluting flight to PARIS through ICELAND.  I’ve never visited Versaille but would like to see it wearing my pink shoes and my hair powdered in an updo. I liked Kristen Dunst in the part, especially when she was smashing the Parisian Macarons in her mouth. She looked just like me.

I live in the BEST neighborhood in Anchorage. The most divine bakery  is less than a 10 minute walk.  I eat exotic fruits and vegetables which have been flown in for my pleasure daily. I ate a jar of chocolate hazelnut spread by myself the other day and it wasn’t even the cheap kind.

I feel sorry for you folks who are so focused on those above you. There just isn’t anyone above me that I care to focus on. I could change the world by cutting back.  Maybe I’ll just make some more cake and bring it down to the shelter, at least the half I haven’t eaten yet.

Marie says, “Damn the sequester, full speed ahead!”

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