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St Patrick’s Day in Anchorage

What’s right with cold beer in an outdoor tent on an icy day? For the guy in the green spandex onesie, everything! I went in because there was no cover and I knew there would be a surplus of men like creatures who wouldn’t be too drunk as it was only  5 pm.  There wasn’t a parking spot within a couple of blocks so I imagine there will be a bunch of sliders when the heat gets turned off at 2 or 4 am, depending how much the bar pays the city. Oh, I forgot. The mayor owns the bar!

The men looked pretty good at this hour. I love Irish men. The women did not look as good. They were already dancing crazy and hanging on to keep upright. Yikes. I noted that there were special shots for each hour of the party. Not sure what part of “drink responsibly” that fits into. Also, Budweiser has a green metallic beer bottle that comes out for this day only. It looks festive and hip, almost like an energy drink kids!

Like Mountain Dew but less calories!

Like Mountain Dew but less calories!

There was  some vile looking stuff passing for beef stew. It had corn and celery in it and was served in a warming pan, not even a pot.  This is not going to look good coming up in the back seat of anyone’s car.

Not that I’m bitter, but I’m old, and I know a marketing gimmick when I see one. There’s really no reason to celebrate St. Patricks day by drinking watery brew and adulterated stew. Unless you just want to have sex. In this case, skip the stew.

I usually have my own party on St. Pat’s but I haven’t been able to eat much lately due to disgusting mouth issues so why bother cooking? I made a corned beef anyway. That’s not really cooking. It was so tender, I didn’t have to chew it so that was good. I made colcannon a few weeks ago (mashed potatoes with leeks and cabbage mixed in) but even the potatoes are too gritty for my mouth.

I might have a root beer float instead.  That doesn’t sound very Irish but  Irish people who don’t drink, LOVE sugar. Trust me, the lesser of two evils. Sugar is too much for me lately too so I won’t be surprised if I have to settle for refreshing tap water.  That is  the best Alaska has to offer. You won’t find any better water. I could put green food coloring in it.

I ‘ve settled for the root beer, without the float.  Here is a photo to prove that I’m Irish. Irish-American, born in Boston. You can tell by the freckles and the lace collar.

It's not even First Communion

It’s not even First Communion


I don’t look like that now.  Now my hair is longer and spangley silver. I look like a Viking. I probably am come to think of it. But we don’t celebrate Viking day.  Pillaging isn’t as festive as singing, dancing and crying. I think I’ll have some more root beer. Top of the evening to ya.


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  1. Stumbled upon this, really enjoyed!


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