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What I will miss about being car-less – Anchorage version

Why you lookin' at me?

Why you lookin’ at me?

You were expecting a blank post! Not so. I had so many adventures that heli-skiers and ice surfers will never experience mostly because they have access and energy for remote exercise and I have to use every ounce of juju just to get home at the end of the day.

Walking home yesterday. I felt as if I was sailing around Cape Horn. There was a bitter wind pelting me with icy snow pellets. My long white hair swirled around me like the Old Man in The Sea meets King Lear. My lips were covered with vaseline which served only to glue aforementioned streaming locks across my face. I couldn’t see my feet as they negotiated the corrupted ice which tore off my cleats every few steps. I left one cleat as a token to those who might follow. I was reduced to walking with my arms outstretched as if I were ready for a cross.

That’s what I’m talking about.

Or today, there was a lady who is familiar to many of us on the bus. She was repeating something quite loudly. It sounded like, “watery eyes.” For some reason I started hearing, “watery diarrhea.” She changed her tune when a young man boarded and repeated a couple of times, “Your balls are hanging out.” Later on in the ride she was more helpful in that someone had dropped their cell phone and she silently pointed it out.

Assistance is given freely on the bus. People yell out directions, possible job leads. They commisserate about the cold. Walking home on the trail, everyone but the most ardent exercise fanatic greets you or gives thanks that you made some room for them.

I will feel a bit lonely in my car tomorrow. It won’t matter that I know that the seats near the back of the bus are more likely to smell like urine. I won’t have that crazy sense of gratitude and relief when the #2 or the #75 appears over the horizon. I will have more change.

I’ll probably spend more money. There’s only so much you can carry home from the store while walking on an uneven ice rink. It makes you really think about what you need. Then there’s the extra time to be factored into everthing. Once I walk or bike home, I’m pretty much there for the night so I have plenty of time to wash dishes and pay bills. I have to admit I’ve started to watch TV. But in my defense, I got worn out from too much biking and walking and hauling. I started healing my broken body with Elementary, then I got caught up in Person of Interest. Pretty soon I had a show for almost every night of the week – Golden Boy, Survivor, Blue Bloods. This is definately a hazard of carless, cold weather commuting. You don’t need to eat more or sleep more but you do need to be under the covers just vegetating more. Once I get cold it takes a hella long time for me to warm up and it just doesn’t seem right to get off the bus and start reading a self-help book.

Perhaps people who enter intersections in their motor vehicles while talking on a cell phone should be sentenced to reading a self help book. I feel bad for these folks. They could be singing and riding the bus.

I will still bike to work once or twice a week. I will take a break from the bus. But you never know how long cars are going to last. I’m just happy to know the bus is there when I need it. I also feel blessed to have seen the commercial where the California cow sings Swagger Jagger in the shower. Maybe you’ll see me singing  on my way to work.


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