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Whooping it up on New Years Eve with the best chicken soup you can buy

Chicken noodle fireworks

Chicken noodle fireworks

Hello again !

I just got my computer back from Arvin at King Computers who is the nicest guy. You should all stop by the mini mall on Tudor and Lake Otis just to see the GIGANTIC TV’s people bring in to be repaired, don’t know how they got in the door. They must belong to football fans who also own trucks or people who live in fortresses with 6 foot thick walls because these will take down the average stud. One was a flat screen but  had a huge butt like an old set, baby had back.

I’ve seen big televisions in stores where they look cool and in assisted living homes where they look sad but everything looks funnier in a repair shop. A big mistake is more comedic than a small one.   Arvin also told me about the FBI virus which I hadn’t heard about since my anxiety is usually not based in any reality. It turns on your webcam and tells you the FBI is now in control of your computer as you have been viewing child pornography. Not that this is intrinsically humorous,  but that someone thought of it as a way to blackmail people (men) is way more in heaven and earth than I had dreamt of in my philosophy.

Also go there because Arvin runs his own business at 22 and installed moviemaker for me again because he knows I like making videos.

The first thing I did with my computer was Google the sound of whooping cough which is pretty awesome and sounds like me. Luckily, I have learned something in 53 years like – DON’T GO OUT ON NEW YEAR’S JUST BECAUSE THE ANTIBIOTICS STARTED WORKING! Nobody wants to kiss the old lady with whooping cough. People stick up their noses when you show up to work with a cough but showing up at a party with an infectious disease is like bringing a rotten salmon to share.

Besides King Computer Repair, I have also discovered the awesomeness of The Soup Man! I could hardly contain myself at Carrs/Safeway while buying two cartons of Al Yeganeh’s chicken noodle for my New Year’s Eve dinner. When I saw the box on the shelf, I thought no, that can’t be the Seinfeld soup guy on the front, that show was over years ago. But then I remembered I live in Alaska and we get everything a decade late. Besides, I just saw my first episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine the day I stayed home from work. It was the one where Christine opens her shirt to try and get tickets to the Rolling Stones but all she gets is a free soda. At least it was a large! The chicken in the soup is all white meat, there is a bit of a roux and ginger!

My plans for the New Year include more travel, less worry ,making more videos, lowering my standards for everyone and more soup!

Happy New year!


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  1. Lucille Goodwin

    Happy New Year Joan, sorry to hear that you are not feeling well,. hopefully the chicken soup will do the trick.Our good Holiday news is that David Mesgar and Maria got engaged.We have about 4″ of snow and it is in the 20`s.Lee and Ric are off to a warm sunny island on the 3rd.Glad you found the chicken soup hope you feel well soon and a happy New Year!!



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