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Three women over fifty see Seven Psychopaths

Technically, the guy third from the left is just an Irish alcoholic.

Technically, the guy third from the left is just an Irish alcoholic.

Now that everyone knows I’m depressed I’m obligated to take up all invitations to be social. Tonight it was girl’s night out at Seven Psychopaths. I’m pretty sure this film isn’t going to be boycotted by NAMI. I not aware that psychopaths have an anti-stigma initiative or if they are in alliance with DBSA or an organization for people with justice system histories.  If they are then I guess they should get over themselves as this was a comedy in more ways than I can imagine.

I believe this film came out a few months ago so it was at the $3.50 movie house where the hot dogs cost $4.95.  I got there before my friends so we didn’t have much time to talk until afterwards, which is good because we’re all pretty loud. The conversation went like this…

Friend #! :  “Wow, that was a lot of blood.”

Me:   “It was a movie about psychopaths!”

Friend #1:   “I know but I didn’t think it would be that bloody!”

Friend #2: ” I thought psychopaths were just people who couldn’t tell the truth.”

Friend #1:  ” I did too! People who never admit they’re guilty!”

Me:  ” You’re kidding me. You didn’t know they were all going to be serial killers?”

Friend  #1 :  “No way! I wouldn’t have gone. It was so bloody!”

Me:  ” That’s because there wasn’t just one psychopath. There were SEVEN!  That’s the definition of overkill right there.”

Friend #2: ” It was a little funny.”

Me: ” The alcoholic was the good guy, that’s funny.”

( General laughter)

Me: ” Can a person’s head really explode like that?” ( a callback to a line in the movie)

Friend  #1 & #2:   (a little too exhuberantly), “Yes, it can!”

Me:  ” Freakin’ nurses.  You’re as bad as psychopaths.”

This is why people tell you to get out of the house when you’re depressed.  I highly recommend this movie to anyone who’s feeling a bit blue. It may make you sick to your stomach but you’ll probably feel like you’re much more together than anyone in the film and perhaps better than the screenwriter as well. It helps to have good company.

I give this film  gun     gun

Two guns up!


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