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New world perspective from the slightly less depressive myopic

Now that the election is over my vision has improved immensely.  I couldn’t see past the large piles of BS that were piling up in my facebook account, my newspaper and other media sources.  The shades of grey in terms of politics had been erased with additions of both acidic and basic comments.  I feel for the pain of those who know what is best for all mankind and can’t contain their rage at the machine. I had to tune you out for my own sanity. I apologize profusely for all the times I’ve been evangelical about anything. Now I know how it feels.  I had to focus elsewhere to change my perspective.  And now. some fashionable eye wear.

Excited about Obama and about life glasses

I got these glasses early in the Obama administration. They are my first pair ever and a good fit for my face and viewpoint on life. They’re a bit nerdy but they fit in everywhere. I was not too depressed when I got them as it took me until age 50 to need them. It was a bit of a relief actually. They go especially well with the many hats I wear. At this time Obama’s hair was not white. Although he is only about a year younger than I am, he doesn’t appear to need glasses. Only his optometrist knows for sure.

I lost my second and my third pair of glasses. This is what happens when I start to lose it emotionally. Things disappear. Also I can be reading something and see nothing but the panic and fear in it, losing all the nuanced details. This is what happened recently. I could feel myself falling into darkness again. Sure, maybe it was the coming of winter. Perhaps  it’s just my age. Certainly my sensitivity to the strident voices calling my attention to the forces of evil had something to do with me wanting to tear my eyes out. Anyway, I bought another pair of glasses because I was afraid that if I lost the first pair I wouldn’t be able to drive. I don’t think Obama is even allowed to drive.

Crazy lady glasses

Crazy is a politically incorrect term but it works for me. I was so desperate to have fun that I think I tried to force it a bit. These glasses don’t  go with much but they do make a statement, such as “I have my own style and I make strong choices so don’t think  I’m a push over.” It’s also implied that I’m trying to take myself less seriously. I hope that you, in turn, don’t take me seriously when I scream at you because some chemicals in my head are boiling over and scalding the inside of my eyeballs.

It was about at this point when I realized I had to revisit my psychiatrist, engage a new therapist and begin cutting back on my work hours in order to not alienate an entire non-profit organization.  I’ve instituted down time between work tasks and also immediately after arriving home at the end of the day. I still feel like Francium, ( the most unstable element with a half life of only 22 minutes), but instability is perhaps a balance to the many people who seem to be so sure about everything nowadays. I’m having difficulty making decisions so I decided to stop thinking in terms of life and death for everything and just get dressed in the morning in something that doesn’t smell. Also I decided to eat whatever didn’t smell in the fridge which required me to get rid of all the stuff left by various departing roommates, a sort of ritual here at the house of revolving souls. Speaking of souls, here is one last pair of specs.

What up?

I got these at a Halloween store but I assured the cashier I would be wearing them quite often. I can only wear sunglasses occasionally. My friends warn me I’ll get eye cancer but I can’t afford to filter out any sunshine.  So I have rose colored glasses,  the color of psychedelic roses. I feel like a Bond girl in these shades, maybe one that Sean Connery would date at his current age.  I may wear these to karaoke this weekend. Karaoke is good for the soul, it allows me to unleash my inner Jim Croce . I guess that’s what this blog is as well. Operator, can you help me place this call? I try to connect to myself but sometimes I just don’t know where to send the call.

I voted at the end of the day as I usually do. The election was probably already called by then but since I made it a point to avoid the news that day I had no clue. I was wrapped up in the idea that my vote was just a vote. I wouldn’t be moving to another country if Ted Nugent’s candidate won. I’m lucky in that no one tried to shoot me or scream at me when I voted. As I’m nearsighted I didn’t  have to wear my glasses. I can see what’s right in front of me but not much further. I can’t quite see the end of the world and I’m thankful for that. I don’t think anyone else can see it either. I’m okay with letting the politicians and the media feel their way around the dark corners of life. They’ll probably find their way by accident just like the rest of us. The rest is just fashion.


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