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How to tell if you have a Gangnam style life

Whoa Oppa!

1.   You own an imaginary pony.

2.  You  can convince 80,000 other people to ride their imaginary ponies with you.

3.  You don’t need to take off your underwear to use the toliet.

4. Instead of playing in a fountain with your friends you like to play in a parking garage, or a sauna, an elevator or in an equestrian palace.

5. Nasty white stuff flying into your mouth can’t stop you from dancing

6. You probably have a hangover right now but you’re only wearing sunglasses because of all the nasty white stuff.

7. You like to swim and only take off your sunglasses to wear goggles.

8. You’ve learned it’s sexier to say “sexy” in a foreign language.

9.  You own a tour bus but aren’t above taking a subway to meet a pretty girl.

Gangnam timelord style

10. You’re cocky enough to think you could beat Matt Smith in a battle of the bow ties.


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  1. Alright so being the square that I am I had no idea what you were talking about, but had a feeling if I googled it I would find out. Something tells me I wish I hadn’t forgotten all my Korean.


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