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Zombie Apocalypse Anchorage Redux

What a lovely day for a Zombie Apocalypse. The sun was bright, the wind mild, the zip of fall in the air. I put on my reporter clothes and headed down to the Emergency Operations Center where I was a bit early so they put me to work writing down information on the white board. This is what extras do on films. They make the background look busy by having fun. I got to wear an official “I.T. manager” vest which was powder bleue and so me. I enjoy starting trends so I told the other extras that the elephants at the zoo had become zombified.  They were not sure how far they could go before but pretty soon zombie gorillas had appeared and The Great Alaskan Bush Company was both zombified and inebriated.  We decided that the reservoir had been tainted by zombie blood so we were sending people to the water falls outside of Girdwood for fresh supplies.

After a small break I began to warm up for my tiny cameo role. I somehow got lines in the best piece of the day. I’m not sure you will see much of me as I am the straight man, (believe it or not), to a very funny young person who has just been bitten and is in a trans-zombie sort of way. I won’t give away the whole plot but here is a photo of his wound which looked very nice and did not attract bees as much as the root beer served for lunch.

Just an appetizer for a very funny scene

Chris, (I think that was his name), was very hippy like and laid back which was a wonderful contrast to my intensity. He is naturally goofy and was very at ease. Best of all we had both memorized our lines unlike all of the other people so we got to play around a little. The direction was straight forward and mellow. The zombies were having their first scene of the day so they were very excited  and their bloody faces looked quite fresh. Some of the kids were excellent actors and the make up artist was fantastic. Chris thought I should wear my hat so I did, deciding that it made me look NPR’ish.  I really had too much fun and must find a way to make some little films. Here are some examples of the work of the talented make up artist.

Very nice zombie lady who didn’t have access to a napkin



All in the family zombies


I liked it so much and the people were so friendly that I decided I would be a zombie extra  for the afternoon shoot. I went home and did my makeup in less than an hour. Luckily I had practiced and surprisingly my staph infected leg was very effective and popular with just a little green and red added for fun. Here is a photo of me  at the Health and Human Services Building  downtown.

I am zombie, here me roar!

You can see bicycle zombie and insurance  adjuster zombie behind me. There was, of course, a wedding party of zombies and a small party of human snacks. This second shoot involved a good amount of waiting so I decided to egg on the others by waving to passing Muni and tour busses.  It was quite amusing. I scared the organizer a bit. She kept hoping we wouldn’t cause an accident, which of course would be rather bad PR for a public safety announcement.

The last scene of the day involved a real doctor who is head of the Public Health Department for the City. He was so wonderful. He epitomized the character of a physician who heals. He had to be about 80 years old and 6’5″ tall. He shook hands with all of us and laughed when he said his lines. He had lots of badges on but his pockets were kind of hanging out. He would be who I would want in charge of my case. He just looked very human.

I would rate my zombie apocalypse experience very highly. I learned a bunch about emergency management and the importance of being prepared whether that means having water stored up or memorizing your lines!


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