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Stormy weather

Who would live in Alaska if they didn’t enjoy a bit of atmospheric challenge? We don’t get much thunder or lightening in Anchorage. Occasionally the power goes out. We do get wind, and this summer, lots of rain. Labor Day weekend was a wash, as usual. Plenty of time to rest, clean house, catch up on Torchwood. I stopped myself from going to see Magic Mike  because that would make me look desperate in public as opposed to watching Captain Jack in the privacy of my own home.

Having a stormy temperament I  feel at home in wilder weather.  A storm makes me feel normal.  The dark and unpredictable is acknowledged and the power of it appreciated. It’s oppressive to feel stormy on a sunny summer day but  rather freeing to feel so in a gale.

I got out a bit, walking. Even rowing was cancelled today. Some people, thousands of miles away have photos of cookouts and vacations to post. I attempted to capture a not so horrible storm on my pedestrian outings. I love the sound of the wind in the trees but that’s really hard to get on a cell phone camera. Here’s what I did get.

Inverted grass at Westchester lagoon


The end of Labor Day, searching for a rainbow


No rainbow but plenty of this –


Can ‘t complain about the view






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