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Depression – Best in show!

If you’re going to have a mental health issue,  depression is the best. Everyone wants to help and people aren’t too scared of you. They sometimes even buy you treats. Of course I’m not always that much fun to be around as I am pretty negative and give up too easy or hang on too long. In this light, having depression is just like being  a particular breed of dog. Stay with me now. There is no breed of dog which is considered normal. I think of the expression “hang-dog” which could apply to the faces of the following dogs or to myself, a depressed person.

Sad dog 1 or perhaps maybe just a manipulative puppy

sad dog 2, may benefit from doggie antidepressants or is perhaps just getting old

sad dog 3,me, could be manipulative, definitely getting older and already taking antidepressants

Now there are some breeds of dogs which look happy but may be trying too hard. We had a lady come over today who was looking for a room and she sucked all the energy right out of us with her highly pressured smile and perky doublespeak. At first she had a job, then she was hoping she would pass the credit check for her job. She had lived in a place for 8 years but then confessed she was not only living in her car but sleeping in her trunk! All this with bright smiles and laughter. When asked about her drinking habits she admitted, “I love my booze.” She also admitted that she had a storage unit where she had her extensive liquor collection.  The photo above was taken right after she left. The following dogs would perhaps be of her breed.

Too happy dog 1- a little scary

too happy dog 2, not an acceptable roommate

We had another gentleman come over soon after who was more real, which appeals to me. That is he was not overly selling himself and had an interesting but not scary life.   He might even be fun to have around. I can be positive when I am taking care of myself and in the right environment. This is the kind of dog breed he would fit into.

Hey I just moved into town and I’m looking for a room

I’m house trained!

After the interview with this gentleman, who I hope will be our new roommate, I felt like this:

I have escaped a near death experience and glory in life! Am I lying on top of a fashion model?

Hey, if a “normal” person will live here does that make me slightly closer to normal?


I’m an actor, I can look happy, sort of, if you don’t look too closely at my eyes



My conclusion is sometimes I am trying to look like a poodle.

“I have confidence in sunshine, I have confidence in rain!”

But I’m not fooling anyone. I’m really a bloodhound, kind of a canine Columbo and when it comes down to that I’m best in my class, maybe even Best in Show!

Just trying to understand the nature of good and evil, what about you?


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My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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  1. Hi Joan! I looked in your eyes and I saw …. retinas!


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