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Manchester by the Sea in the rear view mirror

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I was a little depressed on my trip to Manchester by the Sea. Hard to imagine with the sun shining, the beach and all but I’m pretty hard core with my moodiness.  So here is a review of Manchester making it more mysterious and peppy with some help from my friend Picassa.

A teacher once told me when things get boring or sad – look up. So that’s what I did. There are some old, odd buildings in Manchester. They look like they are watching you. As a child I fantasized about living in the tower bedroom below. The dates on the house made it all the more attractive. One could dress Victorian. There might have been fireplaces, ice boxes. Although I visited the gift store below many times, I only have a vague recollection of being upstairs maybe once.

The Diges House with super surprised eye windows!

In the center of the photo above is an entrance way which I have passed a zillion times. It was so clean that the paint was shiny.

Welcome to Manchester by the shine

Across the street from the Diges house is the old fountain on the town square. I made sure I had a drink before I took this photo.

Vintage male fountain, Manchester, Mass.

The library is kind of spooky looking both inside and out. There is a marble statue inside and as I remember they used to put the checkout cards right on top of the cleavage shots on The Cosmopolitans. Not sure if they still do that. I tried to make the library look a bit more Harry Potter here, not hard to do.

Happy Hogwarts!

My favorite bookstore, Manchester by the Book, is just a block down. I could spend lots of money there if I had the strength to carry the books I would buy back in my luggage. They have lots of history books about Cape Ann, old children’s stuff, arty books and a great selection of things to read on vacation. I picked up a history of the beach which I am enjoying  immensely.

Then we come to a view of the harbor. I have decided to take a random dory like vessel and put it on ice.

cool boat

Across the street is a stop for all pilgrims on the way to or from (why not both?) Singing Beach. The most delicious creamsicle shake was had by me. You may choose from many other flavors including something blue which they appear to be quite proud of.

Don ‘t be crusty, Stop at Dusty’s

Manchester was given an award for being a “Tree City USA” at one point. The trees are impressive. Here is a nice puffy one in the park across from Cap’n Dusty’s.


The Piece d’ resistance is of course Singing Beach, which I bring to you in technicolor. There is none of the loud radio music of my teens, just seagulls and many people speaking Italian.  I overheard some collegiate conversations and noticed that they are selling gazpacho at the canteen instead of hot dogs. But nothing can outclass the beach itself.

gateway to happiness – Singing Beach

You must walk Singing Beach to experience the Singing and the beach

As those who grew up here know, the beach does sing when you scuff your feet. One must walk on the “hot sand” to hear that. Most prefer walking in the shallow water where they may be part of the parade of joy cooling their feet in the pleasant sharkless surf.  When you get to one end of the beach you see Eagle Head rock. When you get to the other you see this home. Unlike Capt’n Dusty’s, you won’t be welcome here. These houses are a bit more scary to me. They seem too big to be lived in and I imagine they are either drafty or dry and well, dusty with a lower case “d”. I do like to bike around the road back there and peak at them but I have never been in even one of these behemoths my entire life in this town.

One of the impressive mansions you will not be able to visit on Singing Beach

On a more personal level here is a parting shot of me on Singing Beach. The water was warm! See you next year.

Me carrying my clogs


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