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Why I’m hugely in favor of death panels

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Pushing up daisies in Anchorage

1. I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to be voted off the island.

2. It would be fun if once in awhile other people were obsessing about death as well.

3. The Last Supper would probably be awesome.

4. Underground Resistance force of differently-abled people take down the government forcing Tom Cruise to play Ron Kovic on Broadway for the rest of his life.

5. The wainscoting in my room is far too tame.


6. Only possible way to get off AARP’s mailing list.

7. I’ve seen The Hunger Games and I think I could win.


8.  The word “euthanasia” sounds like a Japanese boy band.


9.The more conspiracy theories floating around, the less people talk about Dancing with The Stars.

10.I would rather have a panel of bureaucrats decide everything than let Sarah Palin decide anything.


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