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Why I’m excited about my high school reunion

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Guess who’s coming to dinner at The Gloucester House, and why?

1. I’m still not dating proving that it wasn’t some youthful awkwardness I was going to grow out of.

2. Looking forward to playing fantastic new pecking order game!

3. Many quaint awkward moments embracing people I can’t quite place.

4. Opportunity to come up with nonsensical accomplishments to stun and confuse classmates

5. Observe the mighty power of mental illness clear seats in my vicinity

6. Make the Olympic finals in schadenfreude.

7. Paying someone from a local nursing home to be my date and tell everyone how hot I am.

8. Spandex.

9. Nervous stomach will  greatly increase proportion of methane in my locale.

10. As they say in Hollywood – it doesn’t matter what they say as long as they keep talking about me..


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My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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  1. was just thinking there should be a like button! there is but I am not a blogger 😦

    • Imagine if there was a like button for people’s driving or conversation. It’s kind of subtle how we let people know things in real life. I feel almost compelled to like or comment on facebook as if people might be devastated if I only read their post!


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