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Anchorage Pride on Parade!

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If you had a bod like this wouldn”t you parade it?

That’s what today was all about, strutting your beautiful self, teenagers walking around with tee shirts that read “I have two moms”, young men in preppy pink khakis, dykes on bikes and everybody in between. It’s so fun to see the diversity of Anchorage on parade I almost forgot there was a forty foot pile of leftover snow a mile away!


Things did  get a bit raunchy between The Bear and The Eagle but it was more entertaining than watching them claw each other to death.  I didn’t get a photo of the dachshund dressed as a school bus who was irresistible to a tiny greyhound, They deserved a bit more privacy than the street could afford.


This pup was Best in Show as far as I’m concerned, stepping out in style, wearing plaid flannel, a crowd favorite.


We have our own Village People who may indeed be village people seeing as this is Alaska.


Of course The Queens rule the day, especially during The Diamond Jubilee!  Consider visiting Anchorage during Pride Week, it’s The Last Frontier of Acceptance and Joy.


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