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How do you know it’s summer in Alaska?

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Welcome to The Land of Liquid Ice!

1. People are wearing three layers instead of four.

2. Soothing lawnmower noises at 11 pm.

3. Spring is over when the rabbits have been eaten by the bears.

4. Undulating lawns and fields of fragrant wild dandelions.

5. The most prolific gardens are those of the beer variety.

6. Sex crazed salmon pay wildly for their indiscretions.

7. Farmer’s market bountiful with last year’s potatoes.

8. The sun is afraid of what will happen if it takes a break.

9. The wind has partnered with the sun to make sure no one takes their clothes off, ever.

10. Adventurers rushing to find more creative ways to die in the wilderness.


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My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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