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The Wet, The Wild and The Walker in Minneapolis

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In Anchorage it seldom “blizzards” or pours rain. It just plain snows for days or rains with no flourish of thunder, lightning or other theatrics. Not so in Minneapolis, where if feels like God flushed the toilet into an electrical socket. I got completely soaked and spooked not once but twice. I kind of liked it. I like wild weather because it makes me feel more normal. I also like wild art, pop art and art in the wild.

After one such downpour I wound up at the door to The Walker Art Center just before it opened. The door person felt bad for me and let me in encouraging me to use to rest room to dry off.  Apparently I wasn’t the first wet mop to have ever entered as there were not one but two hand dryers placed quite high on the bathroom walls.

There were a few really cool exhibits at The Walker,  one called Absentee Landlord which was curated by John Waters. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed for these pieces. There were three Matthew Barney videos included in it but not as much exceptionally sexual art as I would have thought, more idiosyncratic, not really challenging, but odd. There was a video of a cat then a video of a dog barking so that it looked like it was barking at the cat. That kind of stuff.

Here’s some of the art that I could photograph. Check out for more. Just as you walk in you see this.

So Midwestern!


The following gallery is full of other giant things like this accessory for people with big heads. You probably can’t tell from my photo that it’s about six feet tall.

Got tangles?



There were a number of scary fake people replicas from the 1970’s. I didn’t think the guy below was real but I also didn’t really notice him immediately because he just blended in with the crowd. I don’t like this kind of art. It’s creepy but does nothing for me and it appears to require lots of work and resources. At least the comb and the milk carton make me feel something. Maybe it’s the lack of feeling the artist is trying to get across?  There was a small child crouching as well that I ignored and a giant man’s face with lots of whiskers sticking out. There was a painting of a plastic replica of an artist, not that you could tell unless you read the tag. Art gets kind of complicated I guess.

Not my type of art

Although I wasn’t really hot for the janitor I did LOVE the dumpster. Especially that the artist had so much fun with it and left the back open so the illusion could be appreciated.

This is not trash


It’s art!


Another excellent piece was very telling for me. It appears to be a pile of scraps but when I looked at the tag on the wall, all of the materials were precious – silver, gold, garnets, mahogany. Quite interesting how when I knew this,  my perspective changed.

I did not take a photo of the lifelike recreation of a homemade bomb laboratory filled with batteries, fertilizer, weird chemical stuff. I did like the posting outside the door which assured the public that nothing was actually toxic in the room.

More than it appears to be


I wonder if this next piece should have been in The Minneapolis Institute of Arts with their New England parlor and North Carolina reception room. Someone built their kitchen from the 1970’s as an exhibit, a tribute, a memory, an art piece.  I’m jealous of the wallpaper, it wipes clean, but could not have tolerated the horrible bumpy yellow plastic window.


Painfully constructed to exacting standards – a childhood kitchen


There was a very simple drawing I admired more on the same theme. It was a diagram of the artist’s high school with events they remembered from different areas such as throwing up in the cafeteria or getting high in the bathroom or where certain subcultures hung out and what kind of bars were down the street.

A trip to The Walker is never complete without a romp in The Sculpture Garden. This is especially fun when the rain has tapered off. There is of course The Spoon Bridge…


You can have mine. Cherries remind me of the worm medicine I had to take as a child

I also love the giant bunny which is not really this color and does not always have a crow standing on top.


A bronze bunny as seen in Eastervision



There are way too many cool sculptures to show you so I’ll finish with the giant fish which was catching the sunset in its scales and a couple walking through the hedges. May your day be as fantastic as this art.


Farewell sun, you can’t be caught in a net, but momentarily


Art adds perspective






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