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Bike to Work Day – Anchorage edition

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I don’t have any photos of the bacon that was given out on the trail because it was ALL GONE by the time I got there, thanks to my co-worker BACON BACON BACON Clark Green! I don’t bike half as much as he does but even the smell of it was gone by 8:30. That’s what I get for staying up late to watch Conan and Dave mock Jay Leno. Luckily Anchorage smells pretty good in the spring, like birch pollen to be exact, kind of flowery and gritty at the same time.

If you didn’t bike to work on Friday, you can make up for it by biking on any non-certified day this year and rub it  in our faces for being conventional and following the pack.  Of course I got free pizza at The Native Medical Center and you won’t. There was more pizza there than was possible to eat as I was amongst the last to arrive. They were trying to get people to pack it home in their bike bags wrapping up the greasiest pieces in napkins.Some tomato sauce got on my camera but I got some good photos anyway. Let me know if your commute to work looks better


Just out my door…





A half mile in..





A little snow left in the low spots


On another bridge at 2 miles



If you could hear these geese..

Now at least you can see them better!


What would a commute be without at least one moose, (the other one got off the trail so fast I only got his rear so I’ll spare you that.)





So maybe you live in Paris and you’re not impressed but it’s probably a little safer to bike here. If you would like to commute with me I have a mountain bike tandem, I’ll pick you up on the way.


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  1. I’ve been to Paris and they’ve got nothing on those views!

    • The only view I found unbelievably beautiful in Paris is from the Parc d’Belleville at midnight when the Tour Effiel blinks on and off. My sister live on the top of the hill by the park and since she is a night person we have gone out night after night to join the crowd to watch. Also the sight of people walzing by the hundreds outdoors in the parc on a summer’s eve.

  2. Lucille Goodwin

    Absolutely beautiful! Hope to see you when and if you make it to Manchester.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ll see you there. I always look forward to Manchester and family in the summer. Alaska is beautiful but like living on a island so far away.


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