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Who’s funnier – Brits or Americans?

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Really, I’m not sure, but I have some strong leanings.

Pick me!


Let’s do some polling!!!


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  1. magdapowertrap

    GINAAAAAAA!!!! you British foxxy bitch

  2. Britwit all the way! Yanks just don’t do it for me. Yanky ‘humour’ is silly while Britwit is clever, dry and very, very funny. My top 5 britcoms. 5. On The Buses. 4. Fawlty Towers. 3. Steptoe and Son. 2. One Foot in the Grave. 1. Keeping Up Appearances.

  3. Oh, Rowan Atkinson, of course! Mr Bean! I’m laughing right now at the thought of him moving next door to Mrs Bucket, prouoced ‘Bouquet’ Her ever-raising eyebrows will fly away!


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