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Cheap, clean fun in The City of Angels


I had a headcold and the idea of spending my day/dollars at one of Disney or Universal’s dis-reality parks was even more sickening. It was much more healthful and amusing  roaming around the city with my sister followed by a nap. The things we saw were oddly invigorating. The  above photo, is of a front yard from in Glendale. The back  story involves a relocated mountain gnome from the North trying to land a breakthrough role in films. He takes a day job as a garden gnome only to be pummeled  by  neighborhood child stars currently appearing in the hit “Bullies.” Our hero loses his red hat after he is assaulted with  baseball bats. Apparently roles are scarce and gnomes have fewer restrictions on the set making them more affordable than real children in youth roles.  He also had to leave the  carrot he was guarding from the garden and his magic mountain. The children of the house were sad and made a snow man in memory of their lost friend. Then it melted. Once again, much more better than Disney, with less germs involved.

What other excitement was had you might ask? We did some laundry! Look at the lovely advert I discovered for “clear plastic laundry bags” (trash can liners). It reminds me of L.A. itself trying to sell something worthless yet convenient with a pretty girl who looks quite hot, as in warm.

It’s not that L.A. is all just silliness. Take a look at this green attempt to remedy the effects of drought on the grass at a local intersection. One could even stage a minute football game here if not for the slight angle needed for handicap access. I wonder what happens when a dog poops here? Maybe the area repels dogs, ants and other lifeforms. I was not inclined to sit down there, at least without sweeping. It made dirt look clean.

I’m afraid I’m giving you a very bad picture of L.A. Let me turn this around. We wound up going to church, a Catholic church.  Despite my fears of having to walk out at the mention of abortion, homosexuality or the use of electricity, (oh wait- they’re okay with that), I was impressed and even inspired. St. Timothy’s is a beautiful church with some really good people who we chatted with at fellowship. The style was somewhat Mission inspired, the cantor was very gifted and the priest was visiting from Ireland. He had a great story about giving a man on the street in Dublin last rites. He was tracked down by the man’s mistress months later as she was sure she had sent him to hell. The father was happy to reassure her that he made it to heaven.  I managed to sing along loudly even with my cold. My sister began to look ill as I was singing but I figured cold medicine would not cure what was ailing her. In case you are like me and have not been to church recently, they have changed all the rules. They don’t high five anymore at the sign of peace. One is supposed to sit down when the blessed communion wafers, Bodies of Christ are put away, not when the priest sits down and you are supposed to be able to pronounce the word “consubstantiated.”

St. Timothy's

Then there is Porto’s Bakery in Glendale. Did I mention it was my sister’s birthday and that ,I as the very good sister I am, volunteered to get her a cake from Porto’s? This was purely selfish in that Porto’s makes the best cakes anywhere and I knew I would be eating about a third of said cake. We decided on the Berry Cream cake which was soaked in milk, stuffed with fresh berries and frosted in whipped cream. It almost seemed healthy. It’s too bad that a photo can’t convey the taste and texture but you’ll have to take my word for it. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

This cake was not technically cheap but not really expensive either considering the quality and quantity. It would easily feed 10-12 people for under $25. When I say feed, I mean probably for the whole day as it’s that rich. Her is a photo of the innards.

Not that I want to confuse cake with spiritual food but it sometimes serves as such when you only have it once in a great while for a special occasion like a birthday or wedding. This vacation was meant to be somewhat of a spiritual renewal, reconnecting with old friends, family, a faith in myself. It’s only a small window we have to the joys in this world and I want to keep it open.  Last photo here is of some spiritual gals you may or may not recognize, not me and my sisters but if I could be the tall one with the grey veil I guess.


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