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California vs Alaska – which is cooler?

Note that the thoughtful Alaskan driver provides a refreshing shower for cross country skiers on the trail below. Mine was a bit muddy but certainly invigorating. Would a Californian driver be as thoughtful?


1. There are probably more hippies in California but our are tougher. Imagine eating only raw food at -4o degrees? Either that or our hippies are stupider.

2. We have very few electric cars here but this was the first place I ever saw a kick sled which is very efficient and retro for grocery and kid transport. Then there’s the fat tire bikes. I’m talking obese tires, clownishly awkward looking bikes, but only hip people ride them.  I guess you could ride them on a beach but once again, much cooler in a snow storm.

3. Weatherwise, I think you’ve got to go with Alaska. Sure they’ve got damn good weather in California but it is generally cooler here.

4. Okay our food and our architecture suck. Except for salmon. Almost everyone likes our salmon, okay everyone but vegetarians, and vegans, many of whom live in California.

5. In terms of the arts, you might think California is the clear winner but if we count how much money is spent on marketing films and television that should never be made then you might want to consider the modesty of Alaskan arts.  Sure none of us here are ever going to be on American Idol  but it’s hard to  imagine a quieter place to be inspired. I only get two tv channels and even that’s too much.

6. Community – Here people just stop by, they don’t always call. Often times I’ll just run out on the street to talk to my neighbors as there is very little traffic. I would have probably have tire marks on me if I  crossed against a light in California. There are some quaint neighborhoods in California. In Anchorage, nothing looks very quaint, but the people are. I remember my first apartment here, I bought a floor lamp at Salvation Army and I couldn’t walk it home because so many people kept stopping to offer me a ride. Maybe because it was in Spenard and they thought it was some kind of sex thing, I don’t know.

7. Earthquakes – not quite sure who wins on this one. Ours might be bigger but they don’t kill as many people. We’ll let you win on this one.



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  1. There’s earthquakes in Alaska? #thingsilearn

    • Ah yes, I remember the last earthquake I was in, it was Oakland California around the time of the world series, it was quite large but not as big as The Great 1964 Alaskan Earthquake which actually killed a number of people in California and Oregon who were silly enough to go down to the water to watch the waves. I don’t think any earthquakes in California have killed people in Alaska yet. We all have our tsunami routes laid out. There are signs for visitors. I don’t think you have those in San Francisco but maybe there is an app for that?

      • I don’t have my tsunami routes laid out, but weren’t there some people killed in 1989 when the freeway collapsed on 17 or 580 or 880 or whatever it’s called? I know my brother was driving around at the time and we were all scared he was on that freeway. Plus there was that amazing footage of the car on the Bay Bridge almost falling into the water, I think.

        I was just reading about the damage in Santa Cruz from that one, and about how my favorite singer walked home from classes at UCSC that day, and decided to move to Wales!

      • Yes my brother thought I was driving as well, even though I didn’t have a car at the time and was actually on my bike. Luckily the roads were not all cracked up but the freeway was a mess. It was the overpass around West Oakland, you could see it from the West Oakland Bart station. I remember the car driving into the hole on the bridge. That was awful. Also parts of San Francisco were on fire. There was no electricity so you could see it all from Oakland where I was living on a hill.

  2. Alaska Wins!

    • Alaska always wins. We crush them with our mighty icebergs and eat them up with our ferocious bears, stomp them with our wild moose, drive them mad with our crazy weather!


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