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Some tasty tidbits from The Hunger Games

1. No children were starved in the making of this film because no one in films is really a child. The actress who plays the youngest stabbing victim, Rue, (As in you’ll rue the day you came out of your tree) is close to 38. She gets botox on the hour.

2. No animals were cruelly trapped and skinned for the making of the film. Craft services did provide a fresh game buffet but they are contractors associated with, not employees of the movie company. Most actors are vegans in order to remain emaciated enough to appear beautiful on camera. The crew however tends to be more beefy.

3.  Katniss Everdeen  was originally called a toxophilite by one of the Career tributes whom she immediately shot through the tonsils. This was cut from the film once the producers discovered the meaning of the word.

4.  The actor who played Peeta got in character by making his own bread but it was that flat pocket kind which didn’t read well on set.

5. The magic of The Capitol is that what in the past was considered an actual building is now a city and the city which used to be The Capital is now called The White House.

6. As they could not find a goat’s horn which was large enough to create The Cornucopia of The Arena,  the horn of 1990  Dodge RamCharger was used instead.

7. Small towns in Appalachia are going to be benefiting from the film and book by offering Hunger Games tours for children 12-18 which will include singing, bird and game identification, gathering local medicinal herbs, cake decorating, an introduction to the coal industry, starving and killing.

8. The wolves in the film were purchased from the producers of The Grey for a song just before they went on ebay.

9.  The red headed girl who waits on Katniss at The Capitol was first introduced as The love interest of Charlie Brown many years ago in the comic strip Peanuts. It’s not surprising that Katniss has forgotten her face as she was only referred to, and never pictured.

10. Although Suzanne Collins claims the inspiration for her novel and film is the tale of Theseus, others claim it a rip off of Battle Royale, Scholastic, the publisher, compares it to Julius Caesar. I would compare it to The Star Trek (original series) episode The Arena. Captain Kirk and The Gorn are transported to a distant planet by The Metrons  so they can fight to the death using what they can find. The only difference being that unlike the actress who plays Katniss Everdeen, William Shatner had to wear a girdle.


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