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March in Anchorage- an excellent time to visit!

March is the most dependable month for fun in Anchorage. After all, it’s not going to rain. There’s moose on every lawn, roof and highway. It’s pleasant enough to ski and skate without worry about death, at least in flat areas. Here are some lovely photos to encourage your travels.

Traffic is light this time of year!




The Iceman Cometh? No he’s actually here for a limited time only. At least his shadow is.

No sitting around this time of year. We've filled in the benches so you get some exercise. It's an arctic boot camp.


There's still enough ice around to qualify you for your free souvenir bruise to take home and show your friends!

Instead of putting out a welcome mat, we like to leave a large amount of snow just above our front doors. That way you feel lucky if you make it in alive.


Just remember, the wilderness in Alaska can be dangerous. No discharge of agricultural industries and leave your carpets and salmon at home!



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  1. Just like in Finland today!


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