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Iditarod fashion week

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A shout out to my cousins. Want your ashes on ice?

Oh the humanity! I came out of a meeting place on 4th Avenue in Anchorage to the sound of hundreds of dogs so excited they would be peeing their pants if they had any on. The people were more numerous but quieter. The dogs who were not running let out miserable moans as they sat lonely in their little truck prison cells. But let me show you rather than tell. The dog trucks each have a style of their own. This  next one is the truck of 4 time winner Jeff King who is a little more laid back than the mushing mortician.

The King has left the building, and the truck

Fur was flying during fashion week here in Anchorage. Here are some of my favorites starting with an arctic ringed seal cap.

Fur chic

Then there are the more traditional frightening garments, but note how they reflect the personality of the wearer.

foxy lady just trying to find a mouse to eat, or maybe a reindeer sausage

Wolf in wolf's clothing

Possibly friendly vegans

Wild about Anchorage!

As far as dog fashion goes, like I said they don’t wear much besides booties. Perhaps you aren’t familiar with these little doggie mittens which protect paws from snow and ice. Here’s a dainty dog getting fitted before the big race.

Your feet may be a little bloated, shall we try a half size larger?

So once the mushers get off 4th Ave into the neighborhoods the kids do a booty call. The ripped booties from a season’s worth of training are tossed out to folks out on the trail as smelly souvenirs.  Here’s some kids getting some love.

My favorite place to watch is on Cordova street where you can reach out and touch someone

There a couple of images that stick with me that I’ve saved for last. One is of  Anna Berrington one of the twins from Kasilof, Alaska who are racing this year. They are very pretty but also make the race seem like it may have a future.

Pretty women

This one is the best though. I may not be a Christian but these clowns get my vote for joyful feeding of the masses.

Jesus saves, just not your teeth

This last one is of a dead puppy. Seen on the side of Cordova Street. Just thought I would warn you before you looked.


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  1. Very nice, especially the cotton candy. And how much is a wolf hat, anyway? Maybe I’ll find out next year. The twins train in Kasilof but they are really from WISCONSIN. The only thing missing from your montage is a photo of Zoya Denure, Model Turned Musher. The first news story about her a few years ago implied that she was French, and that she had suddenly had an epiphany on a Paris runway: “I must be a sled dog musher!” Turns out she is from . . . WISCONSIN, so it is not that much of a stretch. She lives up on the Denali Highway with her husband, John Schandelmeier (sp?), who occasionally writes about the outdoor life for the Anchorage Daily News. Mushing definitely has a future, as well as a past. I learned this week that there is a whole circuit of junior mushing contests, including a Junior Iditarod. Who knew?

    • I guess the Iditarod is a bit political, everyone appears to be from Alaska or a model, a working bloke or an undertaker, something that they think people will like or will distinguish them from the crowd.


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