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2012 Academy Awards, a mostly not malicious tribute

Just in time to help you decide if you really want to spend several hours watching Billy Crystal and the Hollywood royalty basking in their own reflective aura. Here’s a little video meditation on the Oscar program which I have created. Unfortunately, I am still working out the kinks in the recording process so brace your ears. I get a little loud, no awards for soundtrack this year I’m afraid. If you don’t see a Youtube screen, just  click on the letters below.




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  1. Nice Joan! I am impressesd with your video wizardry and even your singing skills. Okay well more by your video wizardry 😉

    • Ha, you would sound like that too, if you spent 3 hours singing it to get the words right. How can I not get the words right if I wrote them you might ask? Not sure about that

  2. Although I must confess to sort of, kind of, maybe, perhaps liking the Oscars (purely for the sake of the aspiring artist within me…of course), I found your video absolutely hilarious. So witty and so true, highlighting the dirty not-so-under underbelly that is Hollywood glamour. You have a talent for wit and rhyme!

    • The rhyming dictionary helped. Love/hate relationship with the Oscars but have never met a Tony Award show I didn’t like. I once did a community theatre play where one of the ensemble had to take a night off to be one of the ladies who ushers people off the stage for the Academy Awards. I think that’s as close as I’m going to get.

    • How did I miss this charming comment. The underbelly of the oscars is the underbelly of us all – greed. I vote for a green carpet!

    • I had fun making it, except when I was trying to remember how to use the Audacity software. My roommate was surprised I was up so late, luckily he didn’t have to hear me sing it 50 times.

  3. Hey there, Joan, would you mind if I “shared” your entertaining video creation with my fb friends & family? I’d love to spread the humor AND your great talent!! 🙂

    -alice h.

  4. Nice work, impressed how you pulled that together. I wouldn’t have the first clue how to make something like that.

    • As our president would say “Yes, you can!” Windows movie maker, free download for your laptop or whatever. Then take photos, videos or collect them from sites on line. Add them to your movi project, rearrange, make clips shorter or longer, add subtitles, header and footer, then the sound is a bit tricky. I am a fan of Audacity even though I swear a bunch when I use it. It’s a free download. You record the mp3 you want on one track and your voice over on the other. Then you press something called “compress” a few times to take out the too high stuff and too low. Then you add the sound track to the movie. You may have to shorten and lengthen pieces to make it fit. Put it on YouTube then on your site. Try a short one for fun! I dare you. Now to check out your site!

  5. I like it! Crazy how you didn’t get the words right, tho. Gives it “character!”


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