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Hopeful post challenge

Only a hopeful God could create the flamingo

When I write a post about depression my entire family calls me up! That’s very bad conditioning folks. Ignore negative behaviors, reinforce pleasant ones. My sister Ruth has admonished me to write something hopeful for once. Here goes.

1.  I hope someone gives Newt Gingrich a television show where he can showcase his wild ideas about government. He can have a chorus line of beautiful blonds called the Ging-ho’s. It worked to side track Palin.

2.  I hope that given this lengthy economic downturn, communal living will once again become popular, but this time without the patchouli.

3.  I hope that expensive sports like football are replaced with cheap ones which don’t cause head injuries, like jacks and marbles.

4.  I hope that instead of passing a written test, every student should have to bake and serve a passing hot lunch in order to graduate.

5.  I hope that cursive writing doesn’t die but becomes the letter style of love and intrigue instead of the bane of third graders.

6. I hope that the world isn’t too cynical for a new dance craze that’s fun and goofy and doesn’t exist to make you lose weight or have a marketable name like Zumba.

7. I hope that the only resource to dry up in my time is rayon.

8.  I hope that I can save the Greek economy by eating more Feta cheese.

9. I hope that the nursing home I wind up in will have wheelchair races.

10. I hope that this era picks up so we don’t get known as The Age of Enfrightenment or Belttightenment but The Age of Delightenment.


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My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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  1. Fantastic, hilarious post. I hope that you will continue to write more. 😉


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