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Seattle Sci-Fi fantasy vacation.

I’m staying at a very nice laid back hotel in Seattle’s University District called The Silver Cloud, like a space ship. I’ve been watching an average of two hours a day of the SyFy channel. Today the planet Earth will be threatened with destruction in a a marathon of disaster movies.That’s my idea of entertainment. The last of these high quality pieces is a film entitled Stone Age Apolcalypse which I will be skipping as I’m afraid those damn cavemen from the insurance ads will be in it.  Since I only get two channels  in Anchorage, I have also seen many commercials for the first time which have disgusted/impressed me. I can’t believe I’ve never seen that Geico pig before.  He is my new mentor. I also had no idea that I should be taking a medicine for thinning eyelashes. I thought that’s what mascara was for.

I  left the hotel a few times. I rented a bike and got lost in a good way on every trail in North Seattle. The Silver Cloud floats over the Burke-Gilman trail which I ran on my last visit. This time my ankle was a bit shaky so I rented a bike at the most friendly commuter bike store in the world which was SCORE, one block from the hotel. It’s called Counterbalance Bikes and it’s on NE Blakeley. I got a lovely 3 speed with a helmet and a serious urban lock ,  for about $30 for the whole day.  I was a bit surprised to have to dismount on the first of about 100 large hills but I blame it on my acclimation to the assistive technology of mountain bikes. People were very friendly helping me out when I could not figure out why the numbers of the streets were going down when they were supposed to go up. That’s what happens when you can’t read the small  print which says “avenue.”

I found a very pleasant  coffee shop also on NE Blakeley, ZOKA Coffee & Tea,  hidden behind the University Center. I walked by and saw  six middle aged men sitting together so I took the table next to them.  Turns out they were all about 10 years older than me,(I wasn’t wearing my glasses), and were a long term men’s group, very dedicated to their conversation, but it was still fun to embrace the opportunity. The hot chocolate was excellent.

 I  fell in love with Ravenna Park, The University Library and an artist Sopheap Pich at The Henry Museum. His departure from the U.S.  back to Cambodia in order to make art for meaning rather than money seems to have been an inspired one. I wonder how I can incorporate that into my life. Here is a link to his webpage

I got a couple of glittery items I can’t wait to wear at a costume/vintage place called Red Light on University Ave.  Here they are.

The collar is all glitter as well!

Now I just need an excuse to wear this boys!

 They also sell moustaches, shimmery men’s disco shirts and dresses grouped by era.

  It snowed today and it was just as cold and slippery as it is in Anchorage only the quirky little houses are so much prettier. Some still have their Christmas lights on, after all the holiday season is just peaking with The Chinese New Year.    I’ve managed to stay out of downtown Seattle entirely, which is fine with me. This little slice of the city is refreshing with it’s icy steps, tall trees and doll houses.  I have to leave The Cloud tomorrow but I’ll be back.   The U. district has that little bit of alt. culture that I haven’t found yet in Alaska. The Sci-Fi movies are pretty bad, (the current star is a ringer for David Hasselhoff), but it’s a nice break from Two and a Half Men version 2.1. I must go now, The Golden Gate Bridge just got  cut in half by evil meteors.

One last image for you. Those of you in Anchorage are familiar with Devil’s Club. Folks here seem to think it’s so wonderful they have saved some seeds in a time capsule. I love Seattle!

You've got to be kidding


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  1. You make me long for Seattle. I love it there. I am glad you are having a great time! Please, though, liberate the Devil’s Club!

    • Ha, Just like an Ecotrakker to want to liberate the Devil’s Club. It’s right across the street, or the avenue, I can’t remember from the hotel. It’s embedded in the sidewalk right near the bus stop. Good luck. These folks are coming up to do a training this summer in Alaska, you should go!


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