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The biggest loser – mental health diagnosis version

 I am skeptical about this film series coming to town –

“Non-Drug Approaches To Curing People Diagnosed With Serious Mental Illness”

The word “curing” is what throws me off. I’m all for non-drug approaches but that word is something I associate with black and white thinking and quacks.  As far as I’m concerned everyone gets to heal in a different way. Some people recover completely and  consider themselves cured. They lose their diagnosis!  They are the biggest losers.  I wind up being someone who didn’t have the will power and cheated by taking medication. I let the group down. I should be booted off the show. I can’t decide if I’m going to go to the 1st film. I know people recover in their own time and their own way but I don’t want to be told how to do it, especially by someone who doesn’t even know me or my issues.

    I could have no symptoms whatsoever if I avoided things and people who pissed me off. So that’s a kind of a cure. Everybody do what I want so that I won’t be anxious or depressed.  This is of course a temporary cure as I don’t have enough money to pay you all off. That’s why I take medication, it’s lots cheaper.  A cure sounds to me like drinking hydrogen peroxide which some people do because you don’t have to get it from a doctor so it’s okay, right? or going to Lourdes or rubbing stuff on your face to “watch the years melt away.”

Maybe what they’re going to tell me is I need to do lots of hard work.  I’m going to be told to work through my problems with a peer, (do that), to eat right, (do that lots), sleep well, (do that), have a good support system (got it), exercise (yup).  I will not be doing a colon cleanse or be drinking the kool aid. I also take medications because I consider them just like food or supplements. If I lacked vitamin C, I would get scurvy, so I take these medications regularly like someone might eat an orange.

Who likes big pharma? Not me, the person who got poisoned by big pharma before I was even born. That doesn’t mean I don’t take aspirin.  I agree that many medications have horrible side effects and people need to make sure  they don’t settle for horrible health just to get along with others. Maybe  there are some big mental health secrets out there which have been kept under wraps so that big pharma can make money. Why don’t I think I’m going to discover them at this film?  I know better than to trust small samples and biased reporting.  I hold alternative medicine to the same standards of big pharma. I like a story which motivates me but not one that’s preachy. I’m envisioning this event will have it’s own brand of fire and brimstone. It may even be on sale.

So I looked at the trailers for the first film “Take these Broken Wings.”  The two people they feature were diagnosed long before de-institutionalization and the mental health consumer movement. The film looks a bit like Michael Moore without an editor. The director has random people on the street giving their opinions on mental illness, none of them good. One of the cured folks reports she was lucky that her doctor did not want her to use the crutch of medication. I hope she remembers that the purpose of a crutch, at least at one time, was to help people walk.

Sometimes  I wish I was “touched by an angel”, (not really, that sounds creepy.) Is it just depression which makes me poo poo miracle cures, tax secrets the government doesn’t want me to know and the Occupy my driveway movement?  Maybe partially. But does that mean I’m wrong  just because I’m depressed?  Maybe I’m not depressed and have something more difficult to remove like a bad attitude?  I guess I’ve convinced myself that I’m not going to watch the biggest losers, mental health diagnosis version  and I don’t want to meet and greet the winners because I’m not even a good sport. I’m not sure what they can teach me when I’m so angry at them for “curing” themselves.  Not that I wish people to be sick, I just want people to acknowledge that it’s all a crap shoot, genes, metabolism, environment, life.   I might as well enjoy the game. Maybe I’ll go to the film dressed as a giant dendrite or  a time release capsule and ask questions from  that point of view, stop taking things so personally.  Then I can get my own reality show, the biggest nerve ending or the biggest pill.


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  1. Hey Joan! Maybe you and I should go to the showing and picket out front about how we are the 99%! We could occupy the messanine! But hey, good for the 1%.

    • I love that! We are the 99%. the film features the lady who wrote I never promised you a rose garden. I think it’s funny she teaches literature or writing at The California School of Mines! Anyway, watch the trailer on You Tube. Not horrible, just a little annoying when all the drug names get flashed across the screen like “Hitler”, “Stalin”, “Idi Amin”

  2. so where is it going to be shown? doesn’t sound like a century 16 film


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