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Best of 2011 for Depressives, Anxious people and other escape artists

This is my gift to you my fellow movers, shakers and hiders under pillows.

Best really awful must see movie – “Season of The Witch”

 There’s nothing better than being anxious and laughing at the same time. This film has no room for depression whatsover, so use it as a placebo on a particularly bad day. A high concept thriller/horror piece it features Nicholas Cage, Ron Perlman and some actor who speaks with a Brooklyn accent as members of a medieval witch transport team. There’s lots of exploration of female empowerment, most of which involves killing men. Satan is one of the supporting members of the cast.  The best line,  which we now use regularly at work,- “I think we’re going to need more holy water!” How refreshing.

The theatrical trailer does not show the true marvelosity of this work of art but if you would like to preview try this link.,23038388-100-flash-s.117693368-,23038388-300-flash-s.117693370-,23038388-700-flash-s.117693371-,23038388-1000-flash-s.117693372-,23038388-700-wmv-s.117693373-,23038391-2700-qtv-s.117693376-,23038391-6800-qtv-s.117693377-,23038391-10300-qtv-s.117693378-

Best humorous essay which was controversial enough to make me afraid of laughing at it even though I did – Paul Rudnick’s  “Pick a Number” from The New Yorker

I love the tension of humor.  I also hate statistics and numerical classifications such as the DSM. Who in their right or wrong mind would like to be identified with a number, especially if that number was not number 1? I especially despise the decimal breakdowns such as schizophrenia , paranoid type, undifferentiated type, catatonic type. Do people actually memorize these numbers so they don’t have to say that a consumer has an issue with paranoia? Anyway, this piece has nothing to do with the DSM since they took homosexuality out of the mental illness catagory a few years ago. It does however have to do with musical theatre so if you don’t get the references you are probably pretty damn straight. Several Queer blogs have posted this piece with copious responses, some of which are people scolding the author, many identifying themselves with a number assignment and lots of very witty comebacks.  Here’s a link to the original piece

Best article about not trying to be like everyone else – “The Cult of Success” by Diana Senechal in American Educator

Once again my intense dislike of statistics fueled my enjoyment of this piece as well as the author’s disdain for those little posters which read “Failure is not an Option.” She slaughters sacred cows like she grew up Catholic in The Chicago Meatpacking District. She does make a snide remark about Prozac which makes me think that perhaps despite all the somewhat compulsive bovine beheading she does not want to belong to the people of my blog.   Read at your own risk, which is after all, the only way to read.

Best Silly videos which you’ve probably seen but perhaps may want to remember if you are thinking there’s nothing worthwhile in the universe.

I could not decide on just one so here are two

The Friday Song as sung by various men on the Jimmy Fallon Show, not as bad a song as Papa Don’t Preach.  Taylor Hicks is the more mature, male version of Taylor Swift and he has nicer, more real looking hair. Remember I’m a musical theatre fan so this may be a bit boring for those who are looking for Hitler reacting to the Friday song of which there are several takes I have not included.;_ylt=A0S00Mo2_wBPam8AM5j7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTBrOTlpOGs3BHNlYwNzZWFyY2gEdnRpZANWMTE2?p=friday+song+jimmy+fallon&ei=utf-8&n=21&tnr=20

Rowan Atkinson does Doctor Who – Not a 2011 video but funny nonetheless.

Best humor book I read this year -” Today I will Nourish My Inner Martyr” by Wells & Thornhill

Maybe you’re too cool for this book but I’m not. It rather captures what my mind would like to do and spits it back in my face. That way I am more aware of my foibles and well moisturized.  It’s very silly and structured in one line affirmations which we all know are the most effective way to change the world and yourself. Here’s a good one ” Today I will surround myself with unhealthy people so I may feel superior to them.”  Read some more excerpts at the link below.

And The Occupy Movement Award goes to..

It’s the elderly Korean women by  a long run and even if  they never get what they want, at least they know what they want. They also know change takes a long time so they’ve invested in a statue.

Enough of 2011 for now. Here I am waving goodbye to the year in my new hat which is made out of  an endangered stuffed snow leopard toy which was dyed with it’s own blood in order to match my complexion.

No time left for you 2011!


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  1. We bought Season of the Witch…would you like it?

  2. I hope it was on sale! I would like to watch it again. i think it’s because I grew up around Salem, MA. On another note, what are those birds that are swarming around my neighborhood eating the berries off the trees? There are about 1000 of them.


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